Thursday, September 13, 2007

David "FAITHFUL" Barnes new BLOGSITE!

Just recieved an e-mail from Faithfuls' Dad. He has set up a Blogsite for David. You can find his blog at the following...

Please check it out! Let's keep him in prayer as he continues!

God Bless!


Off trail...but the ministry continues!

Hey everybody! I would like to start out this message by posting the e-mail that I had sent out to Faithfuls' folks, Dan and Lillian, on 9/8/2007. For some reason, Dan has not recieved it, even after I sent it out four times...ah, the wonder of computers! Anyway, I will share it with you, so we can all be on the same page as of today!

"Good morning folks!

Just wanted you to know that I am off the trail again. I had made it as far as Graymoor, the monastery. After some considerable time in prayer, I decided that it must be the right time for me to leave the trail, and end the hiking part of this ministry. Everything worked out rather quickly as far as getting home was concerned, and I was back at home within a day. I was able to make quick connections with a couple of busses and a train! I rested up yesterday, and went to see my former employer. I will be back at work on Monday, at the lumber yard.

Although I will not be back on trail, the ministry is continuing. We have many contacts to follow up on, and also have more sticks that we will be mailing out to folks that were met on the trail. I am also going to attempt to meet some of the NOBO's that I missed, possibly up at Caratunk, or Stratton.

Although I certainly will miss being on trail, I am excited about all the other witnessing possibilities before me! We are also going to work on a presentation to be used at Church, and on this site!

We are very excited for David, that he is remaining FAITHFUL. It is awesome that he continues his hike, and professes his Christianity on the trail! We are so pleased that he is seeing opportunities to witness, and is being bold in grasping those opportunities. We will continue to pray for him daily, for his protection on the trail, and for the Holy Spirits' guidance, as he completes his hike. We also continue to keep you both in prayer, for your health and peace of mind. We realize how difficult it must be to have David out there hiking alone, but we also see that God has provided, in His time, all that is necessary. We are thankful for your encouragement and trust in the Lord!

Please continue to pray for us, and the ScriptureStick ministry! And please keep us updated on David's hike, we will post to our site as best we can. As a possible option, you may consider setting up a site for him on "", or "". That would allow you a lot of flexibility in updating his hike, and you could add pictures as he goes along. We would also be able to provide a link from our site.

Well, back to the "real world" of mowing the lawn! I need to go get at it before it rains...Will talk to you later!

In Christ,

Kelly "Stickman" Hibbard "

Wow! I'm off trail! It even surprises ME when I read that! I would like to apologize to everyone out there for not getting the site updated with a tad more expedience... I know that all of my excuses would be inadequate! I would like to say, though, that Cari and I are so very thankful for your continued prayer and support. You folks have been awesome! The hiking ministry was very successful, albeit the hiking part of it was short of completion by several hundred miles. (I completed 800 miles of the trails' 2,174 mile length!). After coming off trail in Bennington, VT. for three weeks, I returned to my SOBO journey with high hopes that I would still be meeting some NOBOs. That was not to be...I met a couple of dozen, most of whom were in a BIG hurry to get to Maine. By the time I reached Kent, CT., the last of the NOBO "strays" had passed me. But, God is good! I began having great conversations with day and section hikers, several college orientation groups, (especially prevalent were the Freshman from Yale!), and various shopkeepers, grocery clerks, postal workers, and just plain folks that I would get to meet in the little towns. I was having fewer opportunities to meet hikers, but the meetings were more substantial!...Then, the weekend was over, all the hikers were gone, and I was only going to see people when I was in town, or, if I by chance would meet a day hiker on a weekend...So, after a couple of weeks back on trail, I found myself at Greymoor Friary, just outside of Peekskill, NY, alone, at the ballfield shelter that the good Friars so graciously allow us to use. It was, indeed, a time for reflection and prayer. The outcome, of course, was that I must stop walking. Part of my hiking ministry, the SOBOs, were ahead of me...the other part, the NOBOs, whom I mostly had not met, were behind me, headed for Maine! It seemed reasonable that God would want me to meet them in Maine, or to at least meet as many as possible. So, I find myself at home in Maine. My personal desire to hike the Appalachian Trail will always be there...and the trail is not going anywhere, either. I am confident that if the Lord wants me back out there again, that's where I will be. For now, I will do my best to gently witness to all the folks that are crossing my path here. I have returned to my job at the lumber yard, building loads and driving trucks. (Thanks goes out to my employer, Val). On my days off, I will attempt to meet with NOBOs at various places on the trail, perhaps Rangely, Stratton, Caratunk, or the like. Evenings have been very busy making up more ScriptureSticks, with my wife, Cari. (I am ever so much more thankful for ALL the work that she got done while I was on trail, since I am now having the opportunity to fill my hours helping!). We are sending out sticks, continually! Our daughter, Elizabeth, just left for a mini-vacation to North Carolina, to see old friends. We sent several sticks along with her, and then mailed out another that was "RUSH"! We quickly had made up a stick with the scripture written in Swahili, as there is a missionary being commisioned this Sunday, at Garner First Baptist, (our "Home church" while we were in NC.), who will be serving in Africa. We have others to complete, and mail out, too! If you have been promised a stick, please be takes two to three hours to complete a stick, and we have many to send out! We are also trying to get ready for the North New Portland Fair, which is this weekend! We are trying to get a few more sticks made up for the fair, and we will also be doing a couple of demonstrations to show how we make the sticks! That means I will have to go out in the woods tomorrow to get a few fresh poplar saplings to be used to show the peeling process...(I have tomorrow off at work)...

...Well, enough about me and Cari...Suffice it to say that the ministry is alive and well, and that we need your prayer and support as much now as we ever did! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR CONTINUED PRAYERS!

...Now, on to David...FAITHFUL, that is...You can keep up with his travels for now by contacting his folks at the following E-mail Address...

His dad, Dan, says that if you want to be included in recieving his updates, just let him know via e-mail, and he will put you on a mailing list. Faithful is still trekking along the trail, and is now in Pennsylvania! He is continuing to be a witness for the Lord, and is reaching out at every opportunity. While I was on trail, I would read his entrys in the shelter journals. Faithful was quite frequently praising the Lord, and letting everyone know that he has been able to make it each day, because of how God has provided! I also spoke to folks he had talked with. One lady said, "oh yeah!, nice kid! real religious, huh!?" Yes. David, I pray that you will always remain "FAITHFUL" to the Lord! Keep witnessing! And, please, everybody...PLEASE keep this young man in your prayers!

Time to work on sticks! Love to you all, and GOD BLESS!!!

Kelly "Stickman" Hibbard