Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hey, I just gotta say...

1. I haven't posted for a bit, but I HAVE entered a few days of my trail journal.

2. I've started to thaw out, after a too long winter... planning the garden. YAY!

3. Faithful is almost done with his thru-hike... Let's all cheer him on to the finish!

4. Warm enough to work on sticks again... and almost time to cut and peel new sticks!

5. Calendar is starting to fill up quick! But... still planning to get out for a hike or two. ... and maybe a kayak trip. ...

6. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ... I am ever so thankful for the support Cari and I have recieved with making the ScriptureStick mission successful. And for all the terrific love, support, and encouragement with the A.T. ministry.

7. I WILL attempt to thru-hike the A.T. in the future... just not sure when. Anyone else out there takin' a whack at it? Love to hear from you. Let us know if we can help while you are in Maine.

8. I am getting a tremendous response regarding the A.T. attempt. I am being asked about it at least once or twice a day, lately. It gives me a continued opportunity to explain that it was being done as a ministry! ...plus I get to talk about the trail! Thank you all for your interest and encouragement!

9. Ummm... uhhhhhh... let's see. Hmmmm... Oh, yeah! (go to item #10)

10. God Bless you ALL!