Thursday, December 20, 2007

Great company...and PANCAKES!

When Faithful and I were out wandering North, heading towards Katahdin, we came upon Harrison's Pierce Pond Camps, (just before the Kennebec River, and Caratunk). Although we stayed at the lean-to, located on the pond, I took a short stroll down to the Camp, and met Tim Harrison. We spent a considerable amount of time sitting on the open porch, listening to the sounds of the water rushing down the stream, and chatted like old friends as the sun was setting. Before leaving to return to the lean-to, I put in a breakfast request for Faithful and I, and Tim was more than happy to accomodate. Next morning, nice and early, we were seated comfortably at the lodge, and feasting on a fantastic breakfast. Part of that breakfast consisted of a twelve-pancake (each) feast, as only Tim could prepare! WOW! The real topper, though, was Tim, and his easygoing, known-you-all-my-life demeanor. It is apparent, at once, that Tim is people-friendly, and definitely hiker-friendly!

Well, I think of Tim often, and had left a ScriptureStick for him at my cousin Chet Hibbard's Pharmacy, up in Bingham. Last I saw Chet, he hadn't seen Tim to give it to him...which made me think of Tim all the more...

Good news! Yesterday afternoon, we had a visit from Tim! What a wonderful time! He had been in to see Chet, gotten his ScriptureStick, and when he was in Madison, stopped at Campbell's Building Supply to see me. I had the day off, but he got directions to the house, and paid us a visit. I was so pleased to see him, and to introduce him to my wife, Cari. We had a great time, talking about many things, but surely we talked about the trail, and hikers. Tim has an incredible ability to remember the names of so many hikers, and was able to recall details about them. That's pretty amazing to me! To meet, somewhat briefly, so many people, and to capture them in your memory...what a gift. Tim did say that he had more hikers come by his camps than ever before, and hopes that it will continue. So...if any of you are hiking up around Harrison's Pierce Pond Camps this coming year, make sure you stop in for a visit!

Tim, I thank you for your visit, and your great hospitality when Faithful and I hiked through. My door is always open to you. Cari and I will definitely be taking a trip up to see you in the spring, and maybe do a little hiking around there, to boot. Until then, take care, and God Bless!...That goes for all of you good folks too! I sleep tonight, I'll have visions of PANCAKES dancing in my head!