Friday, December 14, 2007

Hooray for BOO-BOO!!!

I received an e-mail from Rebecca "BOO-BOO" Suddoth yesterday. She was wondering how Faithful and I were, and where we were. She had last seen Faithful when he was in Pennsylvania. I gave her an update as to our adventures, and would like to say "Thank you!" to her for checking on us. Nice to hear from you, Boo-Boo!

Now, some late-breaking news...Hikers sighted at summit of Springer Mtn., Georgia!...It is being reported that SOBO hikers have recently been sighted at the summit of Springer Mtn., in Georgia. Although many of them have not been identified, one hiker has been confirmed to be none other than Rebecca "BOO-BOO" Suddoth. Do not be alarmed! Hikers are found to be quite friendly, and generally spend their days migrating North to Katahdin, or South to Springer, looking for food along the way. The best way to approach these hikers is with a hearty "HELLO!", a handout, and a "congratulations" upon reaching their FOR BOO-BOO!!! HOORAY FOR BOO-BOO!!!

Boo-Boo summitted on November 29th! You can check out her trail journal at

Great hike BOO-BOO! God Bless!