Friday, October 12, 2007

Wonder where they are...

Hi everyone! I have the day off today,(have to work tomorrow...), and took the opportunity to make a quick run up to the Kingfield/Stratton/Eustis area to see if I might be of any assistance to a stray NOBO thru-hiker or two. I hung out at the trailhead for a couple of hours, then went into Stratton to poke around before coming back to Madison. I never saw any hikers, but maybe next year I will have lot's of meetings...It is getting late in the year, and the closing date at Katahdin is October 15th, just a couple of days away, but I took the chance anyway, just in case there was a flip-flopper, or someone who was still hiking even if they wouldn't make Katahdin. I did wonder, though, where everyone was this late in the season,(some of the SOBO's are still hiking), and prayed for them all, that they have successfully finished their hikes. If not this year, then maybe the next...I, for one, would like to take another crack at it sometime down the road, and Faithful has expressed the same. But, today, I just enjoyed the ride up here, and relaxing at the trailhead for awhile. It is a bit chill, and quite rainy today, but the Fall colors were magnificent, the rain making the colors vivid, much like the way water will bring out the best colors of the rocks in the bottom of a stream-bed. God is so good to give me this wonderful, rainy day!

Now that I am back home for the afternoon, I need to get busy again, getting a few chores done, and working on more ScriptureSticks. There are still orders coming in, folks are still sponsoring them to be given away, and there are many, many folks out there that we still need to give them to. Thank you all so much for your generous support of the ScriptureStick ministry! Let us all pray that each hiking stick given out will minister and be an engouragement to its' recipient...and to all who read them, a witness to our wonderful God!

...looks like I'd better get to a couple of chores before it is too late...I will try to do an update at least every week, and if any of you hikers would like to e-mail me with your hiking results or status, I would be so happy! ...I wonder where you are...but, wherever you are, may God be Blessing you!

'til then, God Bless you ALL!