Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Still in semi-hibernation...

Hi there! Spring is beginning to come around up here in the wonderful State of Maine! I confess that I have been in somewhat of a state of hibernation, but am slowly coming out of it. I have not done a whole lot for a couple months regarding ScriptureSticks...but DID get some needed rest!

It has been quite a long winter, the main focus being snow removal and keeping as warm as can be afforded...I don't have a good warm place to work on the ScriptureSticks yet,(can't cut, sand, route inside house), but should be able to go hard at it in another week or two. I did brave the very cold basement, on occasion, to work on a stick or two that "just couldn't wait". Prayerfully, I will be able to get some work done on the barn this summer, tighten it up a bit, and create a space suitable to hold enough heat that I might work on the hiking sticks to my hearts content. As of this moment, I have a few hundred raw sticks, all cut and dried, that have been hanging in the second story of the barn all winter, just waiting for me to begin transforming them into ScriptureSticks! And I really better get at it, because my goal is to cut 2000 new sticks this year to get a decent inventory started!

Cari and I are exploring options and opportunities as to how we might be most effective witnesses for Jesus, using the ScriptureSticks and possible hikes as primary tools. One thing for much as I need to get myself into shape, physically,(YIKES! I went from 180 pounds, on trail, to a whopping 230 pounds off-trail, and post-hibernation!...The wife says, in fishing terms, I'm "quite a catch"!), I realize that it is way more important to keep myself fit spiritually, so my big focus is going to be...getting into the word! Yep, the WORD! God's WORD, the BIBLE. I will attempt to spend MORE time looking at the WORD, LESS time looking at my DINNER PLATE! WIN/WIN! (PLEASE pray for me!) ...I will get back to you on possible hike plans, and hopefully some of you might come along!

Other news...update on Faithful! From his Mom's e-mail of 3/25..."He should get to Pearisburg the end of the week. His phone doesn't take a good charge, so runs down fast. He has another one waiting for him in Pearisburg. Then only about 600mi to go." ...He is doing GREAT! Check up on him at...

He made my day with his Easter shelter log entry. No generic "Happy Easter", or Fuzzy Bunny stuff from him...nope...right to the point!...

"Happy Resurrection Day."

...kinda gives a little clarity to the day, doesn't it! HE IS RISEN! I hope you will all check up on Faithful, and keep him held up in prayer. I know that he and his family would greatly appreciate it.

...Now...I know that I have been embarrasingly slow in getting all of my trail notes typed into this blog...In fact, I think that I could have hiked the whole trail in less time than it takes for me to type the tale. Believe me, I am not trying to test your patience, but pray that you will forgive my sluggardliness. (I SO wanted to use that word!) It's true...I'm LAZY! In fact, unless pushed, I will remain at a state of rest for eternity. But, I'm hoping that you don't give up on me. Are you curious? "Has he entered ANYTHING this month?!". Find out next month! Do you like surprises? "I'm SO SURPRISED! SURPRISINGLY, he SURPRISED me by entering not ONE, but TWO days of journaling this month! Be still my heart!". more needs to be said...check back might be pleasantly SURPRISED!

God Bless you all!