Saturday, August 23, 2008

Memphis Tim, "On top of the world"

Recieved confirmation from "Memphis", that he made it to summit of Mt. Katahdin! Here is his e-mail ...

"From: 'Tim Tache' Sent: Fri Aug 22 8:14

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Subject: 2,175 miles...and so it went.... Type: Attachments

"I'm a through hiker, a one way hiker yeah, it took me so long to find out, but I found out...."
Well, what can I say? The last week of my journey was better than I could ever have hoped. A million angels in golden chariots lassoed the rain clouds and pulled them away- or maybe it was a high pressure system- no, definitely angels. In the wilderness I was able to meet up with Jukebox, The General and Loafy and we were actually able to slack pack thanks to vehicle support from Jukebox's dad, Dave.
I summited Katahdin August 20 with my cousin Josh and my uncle Eric along with Loafy, The General, Jukebox, Bunz & Roses, Spock & Twiggy, Hearts, Tupperware, Crush and Beershake. It was cool and very windy with the sun peeking through the clouds, in other words, perfect. Then I hiked down the spectacular Knive's Edge with Josh.
This hike has really been about all of the fabulous people I met along the way, too many to even try to list right now. I am now headed back to PA for a bit and then- who knows. If any of you know of any jobs for a guy with a BA in History and basic woodworking skills I would be willing to walk any distance to relocate. Thanks so much for all the wonderful support you have all given me along the way. I hope our paths cross soon. -Tim
After the first few thousand miles,
a man gets limber with his feet.
Sgt. Buster Kilrain, 20th Maine"

I'm sure that Memphis has come away from the trail with a pack full of sweet memories that he will savor for a lifetime. As many of the hikers will echo, Memphis emphasized that his hike "has really been about all of the fabulous people I met along the way, too many to even try to list right now." . Wow!... Not to take anything away from all of the beautiful views... the satisfaction of taming 2,175 miles of trail... or those joyous moments of solitude... Memphis, I believe, got it right! It IS, for many, the people encountered along the way, that are the "icing on the cake".

So... Congrats go out to Memphis, on completing a wonderful journey. There are so many others, also, that have completed this year, and to them a big "WOO-HOO!". Let's not forget the rest of our hiker friends out there, who have yet to finish... let's help them in any way we can.

Memphis... Thanks for letting me be some small part of your journey. It was wonderful to meet you, and share a fine meal. God Bless you in ALL your journeys!

And God Bless ALL of you too!