Monday, February 18, 2008

Update on "FAITHFUL"

Hi everyone!

Just got an e-mail from Lillian, Faithful's mom...Looks like he is going to take a shot at finishing the AT HIKE that he started with me, last June 1st. There is no doubt that he can do it, but...just to be on the safe side, how 'bout we all pray for him anyway?!? Following is part of the e-mail...

"Hi Cari and Kelly,
How has your winter been? We have kept busy. Dave has been planning to get back on trail Mar. 10. He and Dan bought a plane ticket for the 8th. He flies out of Portland at about 7am. We have Christian friends picking him up in Richmond Va. and driving him over to Rock Fish Gap near Afton, VA. There are some Mennonites in that area where he will be hiking for a while. They helped him out before. I have to call them by Mon. to see if they will be a contact again and maybe help him slack pack. After that we don't know anyone until he gets to Ga. That man will pick him up and take him to the Atlanta airport.

Can't believe it is only 3 wks away!!! We would appreciate you and your church praying for him. He wants to get it done by June so he can be called a through hiker. We pray he makes it. Only 848 mi. to go. He'll start out with some warmer equipment and lighten up farther along. We are excited for him, but will be glad when he gets back home."...

Well, that about does it! Sure wish I was going to be out there, too, but that will be another time...God Bless you, Faithful, you will be in our prayers!

God Bless the rest of you too!