Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ATServants in Spain?

Hello everyone!

I have been in touch with Craig "Clay" and Suzy "Branch" Miles, of the ATServants Ministry. Cari and I were so pleased to gift ScriptureSticks to them, and thank them for their awesome dedication to the hikers along the Appalachian Trail. I am in hopes to someday meet them in person, if they should have opportunity to come to Maine... or if I should have opportunity to take the ScriptureStick Ministry back on the trail for a thru-hike.

They sent me a great picture of the two of them, and a nice, big, "Thank-you!". Here they are! I hope you will join me in keeping their ministry held up in prayer. Jump up on their ATServants website, see what they are all about, what they are up to, and... how you might help!
They do have a specific need for your prayer, at this time...

Suzy writes, "I do have an additional prayer request. I believe that I wrote you
about how we were planning to send two young ladies to hike the Camino de
Santiago in Spain as missionaries. Well, a month before they were supposed
to leave, one of the ladies began to feel that God was not calling her to
this particular mission. It is our firm belief that we need to send at
least two at a time. After all, didn't Jesus send out the disciples two by two?
So, we are trying to help our Chaplain find a qualified, godly hiking partner to hike around the end of May. Please be in prayer for this. Please pray that the remaining partner will have patience and trust in the Lord and that any possible Chaplains would clearly feel God's call and act quickly."

So, yes, ATServants in SPAIN! ...I got back to Suzy, asking what qualifications a young lady would have to posess, to undertake partnering up with the other young lady on this wonderful missions opportunity. Suzy responded as follows...

"As for the Chaplain to Spain, our only true guidelines are that she is super godly, called to the ministry, and because of the short time, has a passport. She would not need to know Spanish at all because the trail that she would be hiking on is a big tourist trail. Another prayer request for whomever God has for this position is that she would need to raise about $4,000. Thank you again for your prayers! We truly covet them!"

Hmmm... what a big undertaking! But NOT bigger than God! First, let us be thankful that the young lady that decided that she was not called to this mission field had the courage to say so. That is certainly a hard thing to face. Let's also pray that God uses her MIGHTILY in the mission field that she IS called to! We want her to be most effective in working for the Lord. ...

But, who will go!?! Is it you? Do you know of someone who might be a perfect fit? No? Well, maybe God can use you just the same... Can you pray? Might you be in a position to help with financing a prospective hiker? If you can help make this mission trip come to fruition, PLEASE contact Suzy at ATServants, ASAP! Tell you what... get up on their site, sign their guestbook, and let them know you are PRAYING! They will be greatly encouraged.

Thanks for reading, bigger thanks for praying! God Bless you all...