Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spring Lake Camps, weekend wandering...

Yes, it's true... Not all wandering is done afoot. A couple of weekends ago, Cari and I decided that we would have a quick breakfast, jump in the truck, and "go somewhere". Oh, we did have some brief talk through the week concerning possibilities of destination... like maybe a last-ditch, before-winter effort to walk a beach somewhere on the Maine coast, and, if fortunate, partake in a couple of our favorite crustaceans... MAINE LOBSTER! But, no travel plans were set in stone, or mapped on Mapquest... I tossed one of our ScriptureSticks into the back seat, grabbed a breakfast sandwich and a piece of breakfast pizza at Casey's in Anson, then drove off, North... which is entirely the wrong way to travel to get to the coast.

Well, any kind of wandering is excellent wandering, and our wandering took us up to North Anson, left onto RT. 16, and when we got to New Portland, we had to make a decision... remain on Rt 16, and head up to Kingfield, and Sugarloaf Mtn., or jump off onto Long Falls Dam Road. Without really deciding, we were quickly shooting past Morton's Store, and travelling up LFDR... Yes folks, it is a delicate balance of decision and indecision that makes one a successful and happy wanderer.

Shortly, we were in Lexington, a great little area,(Check out the "Happy Horseshoe Campground" and their delicious beanhole bean suppers!), then Highland Lodge passed us by. Before we knew it we had tremendous views of the Bigelow Range, and I made a short stop on the side of the road. Cari got out, and stood in the middle of the road. Now, she isn't taken to doing this very often, but, this time, she had good reason. She was standing on the 2000 mi. mark of the Appalachian Trail. Yah! It's painted, right there, in the middle of the road! If you happen to be hiking NOBO, you would have 2000 miles on your boots! WOW! I took just a minute to wander SOBO on the trail, towards the Bigelows. I didn't go far, as I knew that if I did, it would be hard to turn myself around.

Back in the truck, and on the access to Spring Lake, which is fairly remote, we edged over to the side of the road to let another vehicle pass. Hey, we know these folks! It was Frank and Ruth Braley, owners of Spring Lake Camps! Frank jokingly asked if I was up making a lumber delivery (I HAD delivered materials to him a couple of years ago..), and I said that I was... I reached into the back seat to get the ScriptureStick, and handed it to him through the windows of our trucks. Hope you enjoy, Frank! ... They graciously offered to let us hang out at their camp, which sits up on a hill, and overlooks beautiful Flagstaff Lake, and looks up to the Bigelows. We did take them up on the offer, spending a short while gazing on the wonderous views. We also went down to Spring Lake, and I showed Cari the Spring Lake Camps, that Frank and Ruth rent out. They are wonderful 1900 era log camps, which were all part of J.P. Morgan's retreat in bygone days. Ruth, who has a gift for decor, has truly made these camps a wonderful place to stay. I definitely will be planning a getaway up here! I think my favorite camp is the Post Office. Yah, it really was a Post Office, back in the day, and still maintains that distinct character.

We also had the pleasure of talking with Robin Frost of Frost Cedar in Embden, Maine, who gave us quite a bit of info and history of the area. Thanks, Robin!

... We had to eventually leave, to make our way home... The difference between a wanderer and a Hobo might just be a home and a job...

ho·bo (hō'bō) Pronunciation Key
n. pl. ho·boes or ho·bos

One who wanders from place to place without a permanent home or a means of livelihood.
A migrant worker.

HUH! I guess you COULD work... Well, anyways... may all your wanderings be happy wanderings, and may God Bless your every step!