Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone!

Thought I would take a minute to catch my breath, and while doing so, wish you all a Merry Christmas! Hang with me for a moment, while I catch my breath... OK... MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYBODY!!!

It really is a wonderful time of year as we pay our respects to Jesus, our King and Savior, by recognizing His birth! I hope you all will join me in taking just a bit of the hectic time available this Christmas, to reflect on the Hol(y)day Seasons' true meaning. Hey, if nothing else, sit down with the kids, grandkids, or a friend, and watch Linus, in "A Charlie Brown Christmas"... he gets it right! Hmmm... there we go... here's a little "youtube" clip. Just go to it, listen to Linus.


Of course, we will also be busy with gifts, family, friends, and all! We have recieved many wonderful Christmas cards this year, and thank you all for them. We recieved a pretty neat one from Bark and Berry, our ATServants Trail Chaplain friends, that they made themselves... it is a sequence of three pictures, the first, Bark and Berry starting at the first whiteblaze at Springer Mt., the second, a picture of an old AT tree marker, and the last picture, a triumphant celebration of their efforts, at the Northern Terminus, the sign at the summit of Mt. Katahdin. Way cool! Thanks, Bark and Berry! I know... it would be easier for me to show you all the card, right?!? Well... my scanner broke down the other day. If I get it straightened out I will add it in.

We have also been fairly busy getting some ScriptureSticks finished up, some of them intended to be Christmas presents. Mrs. Stickman and I would like to thank ALL of you who have ordered ScriptureSticks this year! We want you to know, that as paying customers, you are allowing us to continue and expand our little ministry. You are very much a part of this ministry! We are able to purchase supplies, and also donate/gift many ScriptureSticks because of your help. Perhaps, with all of your wonderful support, it will become a full time ministry... we are certainly praying and seeking direction. ...please keep Cari and I, and the ScriptureSticks ministry in your prayers.

Hmmm... interesting stuff... We recently were asked, (by Judi), to make up a ScriptureStick for Kay Wood, a dear friend of hers. Does that ring a bell for anyone? How about "Grandma Kay"? ...Kay Wood Shelter? It rang bells for me! Judi filled us in a bit, and "Grandma Kay" Wood is a special lady indeed! For many years, Kay Wood took in hikers, in Dalton, Mass. She did this until the trail was re-routed. "Grandma Kay" also hiked the AT, in 1988, at the tender age of 70 years. She has been deeply involved with the AT for many years, and was the monitor coordinator for Northern Mass, until 2002. In 1987, volunteers built the Kay Wood Shelter to honor her. It was funded by the ATC. In 2008, the shelter recieved a new roof and the gaps in the siding were battened. I stopped there in 2007, on my thruhike attempt, and was quite comfortable! My understanding is that Kay Wood was still active and hiking at age 90 years, and now, at age 91, has been temporarily slowed down by a stroke. Upon last communication with Judi, "Grandma Kay" was recovering quite well, and due to be home first week of December! I hope you will all join me in keeping Kay in prayer for a full recovery, and for her return to many happy trails!

Hmmm... getting a bit late! Thank you Kay, for the wonderful nights' stay in the Kay Wood Shelter. May God Bless you, and keep you well!

God Bless all of you, too! G'night!