Thursday, July 21, 2011

Too hot for hiking!?!

Hey All,

Thought I would take a quick minute to tap out an update...

I was just sitting here in the sweltering heat tonight, thinking about the hikers out on trail, and just how difficult it must be. I pray for their safety, and that they go slow, stay hydrated, and enjoy every stream pond and lake they come across.

4Iron called me the other night to invite me along on a two day hike, from Caratunk to Flagstaff/Bigelow. I couldn't make it, but also pray that they had a great time!

David "Faithful" Barnes successfully completed his hikeof the Long Trail, which traverses Vermont, from Massachusetts to Canada. I haven't had opportunity to speak with him, but know that he made it OK!

A couple of weeks ago, Cari and I went along on a canoe/kayak/camping/cooking excursion to the Upper West Branch of the Penobscot River. Her brother Tim put it all together, and did a great job! There were 12 of us, including Tim's wife Robin, their two teens, Zach and Garret, Cari's cousin, Cherie, and husband Keith, plus their children. What a crew! It was a lot of flat water paddling from Roll Dam down to Chesuncook, then Southerly on big ol' Chesuncook Lake, to the take out. Things weren't always flat calm though... We started our paddle in the pouring rain, and then all pulled together late in the day to get a fire started and gather loads of wood. Things always look better when warming up around a fire! The trip was full of eagle sightings, and, for a couple in the group, moose sightings!

On the next to last day we stayed at Mouser Island, and a tremendous storm came up. Across the lake was a group of paddlers from Camp Modin of Belgrade, Maine. When it hit, it hit hard, swamping and flipping the young girls out of their canoes. As soon as the storm cleared enough to see, Tim and I jumped into kayaks, heading out into the rough water. A lot of praying was going on, for Tim, myself, and the poor campers. High winds, tall waves, and a lot of lightning made it frightening, but we pushed on. We managed to rescue kids, canoes, and gear,(must have had a dozen teenaged girls drying out in Keith and Cherie's big "family tent") and Zach, Garret, and Keith got a call out to the warden service for much needed help. Two of their boats arrived on scene, helping to get everyone and their canoes/gear back to the other side of the lake. It all ended well, with many thanks to all involved, and special thanks for God's protection!

Next day... paddled out in high winds/water, and headed to Baxter State Park. After a good nights sleep, we all made the big climb up Mt. Katahdin (Highest elvation in Maine)! Cari was the only one who didn't attempt it... she had taken a bad fall a couple of days before the paddle started, and was pretty bruised. She closed up the campsite, then assisted in getting a couple of hikers some help with their disabled vehicle. The Day was "perfect" for hiking, and a good hike was had by all!

...I am still in "recovery"!

God Bless you all, stay out of that hot sun!