Monday, June 1, 2009

Hiking the "Little Biggie"...Birthday hike!

Hey everybody!

I've been a little crazy-busy lately, hence haven't taken time to update the ol' "StickBlog". Since I last checked in, I turned 52 (on May 20th)! I treated myself to a short trip up to the Bigelows, and enjoyed a little "birthday hike" up to the peak of Little Bigelow. (elevation 3,040'). This is a very easy, but rewarding hike that can be accomplished by just about anyone! Really! I did it!

I extended the hike a bit by starting out on Long Falls Dam Rd., adding a few miles to the total hike. I think I tallied up about 14 miles, total, but you can surely shorten it up a bit by starting your hike on the Bog Brook Rd., just off Long Falls Dam Rd.... and you get to that road by jumping off of Rt.16 at New Portland, and "go North".

From Bog Brook Rd., take a leisurely walk uphill, along the stream. You will come to the sign for the Little Bigelow Lean-to, which is just a hundred yards, or so, off trail. It is a pleasant little spot, and features "The Basins", a couple of pools in the stream, for your soaking pleasure. It was a little too cold this time of year to brave the water, so I kicked back at the shelter, relaxed, and ate a "birthday Italian sandwich". Delicious!

While I perused the "Shelter log", and made an entry to it's pages, I heard movement, and eventually, conversation out on the trail. Soon, I had good company! I certainly didn't expect to see other hikers, in mid-may, and on a Wednesday, to boot!
I had the pleasure of visiting a bit with Matt Picard, of Readfield, ME, and Eric Altman, of Syracuse, NY. They were just wrapping up a hike from Grafton Notch! They shared with me that they had hiked to raise funds for Camp Sunshine, located at Sebago Lake,ME, and had brought in about $1,000! The purpose of the camp is to provide a retreat for children with life threatening illnesses and their families. WAY TO GO, Matt and Eric!!! (You can find info about "Camp Sunshine" online... check it out!)

I chatted for a bit more, then handed off my ScriptureStick to... I think I gave it to Eric. I did, however, extend the offer of ScriptureSticks to both of them, and asked them to contact me with a preferred Scripture. (Hey, guys!... drop me an e-mail!). It was SO nice meeting the both of them! I wished them well, then scooted up the trail (this is still fairly easy hiking...), to the summit of Little Bigelow. It was great, but since it wasn't too awful late in the day, I continued on for another 1/2 mile or so.

Eventually, you have to go home... so I got myself turned around, and headed back to the truck, parked at Long Falls Dam Rd.. As I approached the road, I heard a vehicle pulling away, and it looked like I was just a few steps shy of being able to bid Matt and Eric a final farewell.

But, farewell it is, to all of you, yet not without first asking that God should Bless you in so many ways!

Thank you all for checking in!