Saturday, April 17, 2010


Quick "Hello!",

We are still working hard on completing a whole bunch of ScriptureSticks, in the next couple or three weeks, amongst all the other "normal stuff" that life throws our way. I had anticipated a possible short hike this weekend, but was doubtful it would happen, as the lawn is already in need of cutting, and there are weeds growing in the raised beds that I need to get prepped for this years' crops.

Thankfully, my decisions were easy ones this morning! I woke up early, checked the current weather conditions, (I looked out the window...), and was mildly surprised to see about two inches of heavy, wet snow on the ground! My mind was working it's way around it, as I tried to figure out the day. Mow... shovel... mow... uhhh...

So, it is too wet to mow, not enough snow to shovel, and... hiking? Nah! I think the best course of action is to continue working on the ScriptureSticks, take a sunny hike on a sunny day, wait for the snow to melt, watch the grass grow, and pray that some of the garden weeds are edibles.

Gotta go! God Bless!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Go to work, get some rest!

Hi everybody!

Stickman here, with a quick blurb, as I need to get out the door soon to get some rest. ... I mean, go to work. Ever feel like you get more rest at work than at home? Even though I work hard at my regular work at the lumber yard, there are times when working at home is harder. Then again, working at home can be very rewarding. This weekend left Mrs Stickman and I with a sense of accomplishment, after a good bit of work. I am looking across the room at 15 ScriptureSticks that we were able to complete! Half of them are regular, clear coated, and half are a beautiful purple. We also have two purple, and two pink ones ready to clear coat! Then, there are about seven or eight sticks that have gone through the pink dyeing process, ready to have scripture applied! It was a rewarding end to the weekend, very satisfying to see the results of hard work. The next few weekends, and every night, will be filled with the same activity. On May 12th, (prayerfully), Cari and I will be headed for Trail Days in Damascus, Virginia, and there is lot's to accomplish in the next 30 days. Right now, we know that we want to provide PLENTY of the PINK and PURPLE ScriptureSticks to help raise money for Jean's Gems' Relay for Life team, who will walk along with many other teams to raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society. We also want to bring some ScriptureSticks to Trail Days, where we will "gift" them to folks attending. Then, there is Cari's brother, Tim. He is always a help and a blessing to us! He wants to come from Tennessee, and meet us down there for a visit, and to take a bunch of ScriptureSticks back with him. ...and there's MORE! ...but I don't have time to talk about it now, as I need to rest, uh, go to work! Hope you'll jump over to our ScriptureStick site at to check it out, and keep us busy in our "off" time by purchasing a ScriptureStick. Untill next time, God Bless you, and thanks for stopping by!