Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stickman, where ARE you!?!

I am HERE!!!

I am sure you have all heard the story of the "Prodigal Stickman"... (the word 'prodigal' means 'wastefully extravagant')! In the story of the prodigal Stickman, said Stickman has disappeared from the blogging scene, and has squandered his blogging time in the most wastefully extravagant ways. Blogging opportunities abounded, but Stickman selfishly failed to blog...

...the GOOD news! When Stickman returned to his blogsite and began blogging again, his Blogfollowers graciously forgave him, welcoming him back with open arms!

Now that I have poked at your funnybone, I would like to seriously ask your forgiveness for my shortcomings... and with that, promise to try MUCH harder to keep the blog updated!

Currently... Working two jobs, trying to raise money for my next thruhike!
... Cancelled 2011 thruhike ministry plans, for lack of $$$!
... Trying to fund upcoming trip to Trail Days at Damascus(May 13th-15th)
... Gearing up for local Trail Ministry/Magic on A.T.!
... Making more ScriptureSticks!
... Get ready for local "Relay for Life", prepare more ScriptureSticks!
... Looking forward to local Fairs and Events to bring ScriptureSticks!

Yup, i know it was a "short posting", but I really DO have things to get done today, so I gotta go... But WAIT!!! Has anyone asked for God's Blessings for your life today? NO!?! I will!

May God be present in your life, and Bless you, exceedingly!