Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hibernating in Maine this New Year...

Happy New Year, everyone! What? That was yesterday?

Well... yesterday didn't count, up here in Maine, at least not for me. The clock tick-tocked away on the night of the 31st of December, and I dozed peacefully, pretty close to a state of hibernation. For some reason, my eyes fluttered open at 11:58 PM... I watched it advance to Midnight, and when the minute and second hands tipped their way over the top of the clock, I envisioned year 2013 taking a tumble... and promptly having its' place taken up by a fresh, young, New Year, Year 2014. I closed my eyes by 12:01, sinking back into my pleasant hibernation.

Yesterday, I had no hurries, as I had the day off from work. I decided to take the day off from everything, take a "zero" day, and see how this New Year thing was going to work out. Pretty well, I think... I'm going to go for it! Having made all the proper assessments yesterday, and getting all rested up, I'm ready to officially start my New Year, TODAY, January 2, 2014. If it doesn't start well... I will go back into hibernation!

Praying that as you begin your New Year, it will be all you should want it to be!

Gods' Blessings!