Friday, May 11, 2012

Trail Days in Damascus and Sensory Overload

Hello everyone!

A special shout-out to Johnny "Four-Iron" Male! Johnny was so kind to invite me along on his trip to Trail Days at Damascus this month, but alas... I can't quite swing it! I had approval from my workplace, the go-ahead from my wife, Cari, and a free ride with Johnny... but just couldn't do it.

Work is picking up, with the promise of more hours, and I need to be realistic in regards to my financial situation. My "recent" (10/21/11) quadruple bypass surgery put a damper on my plans for this year, but, Lord willing, next year will be a bit more to my liking. I suspect that when Gods' plans supercede my plans, great things will happen!

At any rate, "Thank You!", Johnny... and I hope you have a fantastic time down there in Virginia. Hope the weather holds out for you, too, so you can get a couple of good days hiking in.

The weather... not so great lately. I'll be the first to agree that we needed some rain... but, come on now!?! There is, however, always something to be appreciated, regardless of the weather, in spite of the weather, or because of the weather. I am trying to get more exercise as of late, and have taken to poking around with a metal detector.

(If it seems that I just "stepped off trail", I might have... but stay with me, anyway.)

So... I took a stroll up into the woods, figuring to metal detect an old Boy Scout camp area. It had been raining, now reduced to a light drizzle, and my walk in was refreshing! The terrain and "feel" of the short hike was not unlike some of the Appalachian Trail that I had enjoyed. I was slowly being transported to the Trail, my detector transforming into a hiking stick! I suspect that I could have chucked a stone a mere ten times, and hit my truck, which was parked at the access... but it seemed that I had put in a good days' hiking. I was getting close to camp, and passed by a privy. It was a beauty! Certainly another wonderful variation of the vast array of privies that one might find on the AT. I was really starting to get in the groove!!! Hey, there we are! Boy Scout Camp! But, boy oh boy, it had the feel of an AT shelter! There was the firepit... being the first to arrive, I would take great pleasure in having a toasty campfire burning, to kindle the spirits of the other hikers, when they began to arrive. Visually, it was hard to take in my surroundings as reality. It "seemed" to be an AT rest stop! ...then the smell found it's way to the brain. Yes, this place smelled like it was supposed to! I looked it over real well... but I couldn't find a shelter log in which to leave an entry. I went to the picnic table, resting from the day, and thinking that I might want to filter some water before it got late. Sure would be nice to have a cup of hot Ramen noodles with a bunch of dehydrated veggies tossed in... then do up a coffee to enjoy while cozied in the sleeping bag. ... ...

Realizing that it was getting dark and raining steadily, I came out of my "AT experience" and started back downtrail... but, I can assure you, I will be back!

Hope all your days are sunny, even in the rain!

May God Bless your path with the proper amount of rocks, roots, and mud.