Monday, January 4, 2010

So... What's your plan, Stickman?

Hello All,

I took a bit of time to jump online these last couple of days, trying to check out a few of the 2010 Appalachian Trail Thru-hiker "hopefuls". I don't call them "hopefuls" in any sense to try to demean their efforts. But, having given a thruhike a shot in 2007,(800 miles SOBO), I know that a person making the thruhike attempt remains "hopeful" until the hike ends... fully completed, or not. I hope, (and PRAY), the best for all of them, and wish them a safe, happy, and complete hike, no matter the distance.

It is wonderful, seeing everyone prepare... doing gear checks, revising their itinerary, completely changing hike direction, NOBO to SOBO, SOBO to NOBO, or perhaps considering a FLIP. Looking for hiking partners, rides to the terminus, looking for advice. Doing a "shakedown hike". Giving advice. Deciding when to tell the Boss. Counting the pennies one more time...

I think that a lot of people have a misconception about attempting a thru-hike. I think that they do believe that hiking over 2,000 miles is tough. I also think that a lot of folks think that hikers have just decided to drop out of society, be irresponsible for five or six months, and... OK, OK! ...So, there may be a LITTLE truth to that point of view! But, the fact is, no matter what gets you on the trail, whether it's a lifelong dream, or the recent nudging of a good friend to tag along, very seldom does ANYONE step out on that trail without having at least a skeleton of a plan, and know a bit more about the trail than just how to find it.

So, in my checking out the Class of 2010 enrollees, I also garnered information along the way. I "inadvertently" was figuring out how to get back on trail! No, that's a lie! I was researching! YES! I WANT to go back on trail! ...which leads us to ask the question...

So... What's your plan, Stickman?

Not sure, yet. Hazy... hazy...

...March 1st, 2011? NOBO? Springer Mtn., Georgia, to Greymoor Friary in Peekskill, New York? Hazy... hazy...

...but, I think the fog is lifting! I will do the research, PRAY, check on finance, PRAY, lose some weight, and exercise, and PRAY! ...I hope you will keep me in prayer on this... seriously.

In turn, I will continue to pray for all of you, and ask for God's Blessings for you, too.

Good night,