Friday, December 7, 2007

Able to post again! etc., etc., etc.!

Hi everybody! I fiddled with the site a few days back, and found that I was able to post, but my "updates" of previous posts weren't showing up...but eventually got that straight too! Funny thing is, I don't know that I fixed may have just been being a bit temperamental!

I have not had much opportunity to do updates...sorry for that! I would also like to get lot's of pictures up on the site, too, but that will definitely be after Christmas.

We have received several requests for ScriptureSticks that need to be to their intended recipients for Christmas, so am working on them as best we can. If anyone has a request for a stick, please let us know...the earlier the better, if it is for Christmas, and needs to be shipped out. Thanks!

I have had a lot of great meetings and conversations with people who have been aware of my A.T. adventure, and have been able to share bits and pieces of my journey with them. I guess I didn't realize how many people were aware of it, or how many had checked up on me online. I will certainly try a bit harder to get the rest of my journal, and a bunch of pictures up on the site!

A lot of you wanted to know if I would be attempting to complete the trail come springtime. Well...I have no plans to do that at this time. It isn't that I don't want to be back on trail, though. I would love it! It would have to all fall in place, truly be God's will. I would have to be considerate of my employer, have financing, good health, and most of all, a clear feeling that it would be the best way to serve God.

A few of you folks have expressed a desire to take on the trail someday. Awesome! And, a couple of people thought it might be great to do a section. ALSO Awesome! I have had a thought bouncing around in my head...and, although it is not fully developed, (...the thought...), it goes something like this...Start out SOBO again, with the SOBO thru-hikers, but only do the stretch from Mt. Katahdin to Monson, Maine! That would allow for a great hike, and an opportunity to be a witness for the Lord, and hopefully, an encouragement to all the hikers. I had a brief conversation with Scott Lloyd the other day, and he expressed interest in the "100 mile wilderness". (Katahdin to Monson)...Anybody else interested??!!?? Might be fun to get a group together, and take a hike. Let me know, and maybe we could pull something together!

I may have some more good news to share with you in the near future, so please check back. I hesitate to share anything yet, as it is not in the works yet, but only in the "could happen" catagory. Sorry to throw out a teaser, but I want to get you back on site! "Don't TEASE me, bro', don't TEASE me!!!". (Couldn't resist!)

Will get back to you, and soon...'til then, God Bless ya!