Sunday, December 21, 2008

ScriptureSticks, ScriptureSticks, and MORE ScriptureSticks!

Good morning, everyone! I have not jotted out any new posts for the last month, or so, as I have been very busy! As the post heading blatantly suggests, we have been kinda busy with the ScriptureSticks!

We were pacing ourselves fairly well, in getting some done every night, ...or at least every night that we didn't have a commitment that would take us away from it. The Pastors Appreciation certificates had started to come in more steadily, and we are caught up with them, for now... we haven't heard from ALL the Pastors yet! So, if you are one of the Pastors out there who are in posession of a ScriptureStick certificate, please feel free to contact us. We would LOVE to complete Your ScriptureStick! We did have a minor "OOOPS!" moment, when we discovered that we had mixed up a couple of ScriptureSticks, as they were being put into shipping tubes... so, after some scurrying to make up two more sticks, there are a couple of Pastors out there who have... two ScriptureSticks! They now have an opportunity to gift a ScriptureStick to someone else! Isn't that great!?! ...we are sorry for the mixup, but know that all works out for the Glory of God! ...Thanks for your understanding and patience!

We have also tried to keep up with orders, and... let's see... uhuh, all caught up with orders! I will say, I started to panic the other night, when we recieved a call from a nice gentleman from Georgia. He was looking to purchase a few ScriptureSticks for victims of Hurricane Katrina! He was attempting to get them to the intended recipients by Christmas! I was willing to do my best, and work throughout the night, if need be... but what he needed, I didn't have. He was looking to purchase some canes, (which I have), but they needed to have a crooked handle, for more secure support. Unfortunately, we are all out of crooked handle sticks. (I will surely try to cut many more of those, come Springtime.) The best I could do was to thank him for calling, and to take time to reflect, and pray, for those less fortunate than myself. We (I) had kind of put the Hurricane Katrina victims to the back of my mind... you know,... they're not in the news much anymore. But the reality is that there were many, many people whose lives were severely disrupted, and although many will heal from their ordeal, they will all remain victims... so, if you would, please include these folks in your prayers. ...and if you can find it in your heart, look for some way to do a kindness for someone less fortunate than yourself! As I reflect, I have no problem thinking of someone who could use a helping hand, words of encouragement, friendship, and prayer...

Well, as much as it looks like we are kinda caught up, the reality is that we are not caught up! We have other ScriptureSticks to be made up for folks that we want to "gift" to, honor, thank, etcetera! I just delivered one to a friend, who had helped me when I was on the trail. He jokingly asked if he could have whatever he wanted burned onto the stick, perhaps something by Shakespeare. No, I said... scripture only! Ok, he replied, how about "Gird your loins."? Well, always wanting to comply as best I can, and still get the proper message, I chose 1 Peter 1:13,

"Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ;"

I am always up for a challenge! ...Hope he enjoys his ScriptureStick!

Yikes! Looks like I have to go! ...Just enough time to ask God to Bless all of you, so, with that, may God Bless you ALL! 'til next time... yours in Christ!


Saturday, November 22, 2008


I'm quite sure that you all have heard that phrase before. A picture IS worth a thousand words! So true, so true... I know that many of you have found your way to this blog... I'm not sure HOW, but you found it!... It may have been through our SCRIPTURESTICK WEBSITE, although our blog is linked on that site under the heading "contact us". Hmmmm... seems like we could do a little better in giving directions. ... ...I find that a lot of times, when someone (me) gives someone else (you) directions, they just are'nt adequate to get you where you need to be. I think my father used to sum up the whole problem, wrapped in a question... "Do I need to draw you a picture?!?". Or, "Do I need to draw you a map?!?. "Yes!", I would reply. Then he would proceed to illustrate for me. It helped...

...So, ...if you have been to the ScriptureSticks Website, you will see a profound lack of proper direction, explanation, and illustration. For that I am deeply sorry. We have attempted, on several occasions, to get into the site, and make some drastic changes. At this point, we have had, (obviously), little success. We will, however, persevere, and at some point win the battle.

So, for all of you who have asked, or are wondering, why there are no pictures of ScriptureSticks on the site, or why the site is not properly updated, it is because I haven't quite got the grasp of the site yet, even though the site and computer have been (supposedly) "fixed". ...

...264 words so far... I think a picture really would be worth a thousand words! I know that no explanation is a good explanation, so I will renew and redouble my efforts to get the ScriptureStick website shipshape. ... and do you think you might be able to encourage me through prayer? I would like that a lot!


Quick update on ScriptureSticks for Pastor Appreciation!... Well, we haven't heard from all of the Pastors out there who have received a certificate for a walking stick. They are, however, starting to contact us! We have completed a few of the ScriptureSticks, and some of them are in the mail! If you are one of the Pastors who have contacted us, thank you for your patience, and please be assured that we will finish your gift as quickly as we can, and get it out to you!

With that said, I would like to end by asking God to Bless each and every one of you out there tonight, and to simply pray that if there is anyone of you reading this blog, who doesn't know Christ as his Savior, that you will take time to contact me, a Pastor, or a Christian friend, to find out just how much God loves you.

God Bless!


Friday, November 7, 2008

Pastor Appreciation Month, EVERY month!

Hello everyone!

Just a very brief post tonight, as I have VERY important work to finish. Cari and I are usually fairly busy people, what with working full time jobs, keeping house, extra sideline work, kids, grandkids, friends, pets, extended family, neighbors, old school friends, readying for winter... etc., ... Yeah, you know! Just like all of YOU busy people out there!

Then, of course, we have the ScriptureStick hiking stick ministry... although we don't have hundreds and hundreds (yet...) of ScriptureSticks orders to fill, we do have some work ahead of us... and if we don't have orders to fill, we "make up" something to do! (Sorry, if we haven't gotten to your ScriptureStick yet!) Uhuh, we make up something to do... like create a stick for an old friend, a new friend, or possibly make one up to bring into the woods, to give to some unsuspecting person!

Although it takes us a little bit of time to make each ScriptureStick, it is our joy. It is, indeed, our ministry, and a task that I wish I could do day in and day out, full time, 24/7. Please pray that the Lord might use us fully!

Every time we have an order, I like to think on how the Lord might use that simple little hiking stick to not only please it's recipient, but to somehow be a witness of Him to everyone that reads the Scripture that is burned into it's length. Again, please pray that they truly witness for the Lord!

We are always happy to have a ScriptureStick wander off into the hands of a Pastor. I have not known of a Pastor, yet, who didn't use it as a tool to truly be a witness. We have sticks all over the country now, and although they aren't in every State yet, they're "all over the map". Maine, Florida, California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, and more! We even have ScriptureSticks in Canada... and Kenya!(They are done in the Swahili language!)

We recently had an opportunity presented to us that we just could'nt say "no" to. Radio station WMSJ, a Southern Maine Christian station, approached us regarding the possibility of our donating a few ScriptureSticks, to be given to Pastors as part of Pastor Appreciation Month. AWESOME!!! Of course! We love our Pastor! We love all Pastors! ... Well, we donated a bunch of sticks, Cari working out the details and making up gift certificates, and WMSJ distributing them accordingly. We went with this approach to allow each honored Pastor to choose the Scripture desired, and have it burned onto a staff of preferred length. So far, we are pleased to be working on the first five responses that we have been blessed to recieve!

Now, as usual, I have taken the long way around the barn. What I started out to say was this... LAST MONTH (October) was Pastor Appreciation Month! Yeah, I know, it's November, and I'm just getting around to talking about it... but I was, you know, busy! Well, this is what I think... Cari and I were honored to be able to donate a few ScriptureSticks to some of the Pastors out there. We really appreciate our Pastor, and your Pastor... yeah, OK, your Pastor too! And we love and appreciate them not just in October, but in November. And every other month too. True, we sometimes forget how much we appreciate them, thus, we have OCTOBER, to bring us to our senses. Please join Cari and I in keeping our Pastors in prayer, every month, for their safety, and effectiveness for the Lord. And let's not forget to tell them how much we love and appreciate them!

God Bless you all tonight, and may all of you Pastors be especially BLESSED!



Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spring Lake Camps, weekend wandering...

Yes, it's true... Not all wandering is done afoot. A couple of weekends ago, Cari and I decided that we would have a quick breakfast, jump in the truck, and "go somewhere". Oh, we did have some brief talk through the week concerning possibilities of destination... like maybe a last-ditch, before-winter effort to walk a beach somewhere on the Maine coast, and, if fortunate, partake in a couple of our favorite crustaceans... MAINE LOBSTER! But, no travel plans were set in stone, or mapped on Mapquest... I tossed one of our ScriptureSticks into the back seat, grabbed a breakfast sandwich and a piece of breakfast pizza at Casey's in Anson, then drove off, North... which is entirely the wrong way to travel to get to the coast.

Well, any kind of wandering is excellent wandering, and our wandering took us up to North Anson, left onto RT. 16, and when we got to New Portland, we had to make a decision... remain on Rt 16, and head up to Kingfield, and Sugarloaf Mtn., or jump off onto Long Falls Dam Road. Without really deciding, we were quickly shooting past Morton's Store, and travelling up LFDR... Yes folks, it is a delicate balance of decision and indecision that makes one a successful and happy wanderer.

Shortly, we were in Lexington, a great little area,(Check out the "Happy Horseshoe Campground" and their delicious beanhole bean suppers!), then Highland Lodge passed us by. Before we knew it we had tremendous views of the Bigelow Range, and I made a short stop on the side of the road. Cari got out, and stood in the middle of the road. Now, she isn't taken to doing this very often, but, this time, she had good reason. She was standing on the 2000 mi. mark of the Appalachian Trail. Yah! It's painted, right there, in the middle of the road! If you happen to be hiking NOBO, you would have 2000 miles on your boots! WOW! I took just a minute to wander SOBO on the trail, towards the Bigelows. I didn't go far, as I knew that if I did, it would be hard to turn myself around.

Back in the truck, and on the access to Spring Lake, which is fairly remote, we edged over to the side of the road to let another vehicle pass. Hey, we know these folks! It was Frank and Ruth Braley, owners of Spring Lake Camps! Frank jokingly asked if I was up making a lumber delivery (I HAD delivered materials to him a couple of years ago..), and I said that I was... I reached into the back seat to get the ScriptureStick, and handed it to him through the windows of our trucks. Hope you enjoy, Frank! ... They graciously offered to let us hang out at their camp, which sits up on a hill, and overlooks beautiful Flagstaff Lake, and looks up to the Bigelows. We did take them up on the offer, spending a short while gazing on the wonderous views. We also went down to Spring Lake, and I showed Cari the Spring Lake Camps, that Frank and Ruth rent out. They are wonderful 1900 era log camps, which were all part of J.P. Morgan's retreat in bygone days. Ruth, who has a gift for decor, has truly made these camps a wonderful place to stay. I definitely will be planning a getaway up here! I think my favorite camp is the Post Office. Yah, it really was a Post Office, back in the day, and still maintains that distinct character.

We also had the pleasure of talking with Robin Frost of Frost Cedar in Embden, Maine, who gave us quite a bit of info and history of the area. Thanks, Robin!

... We had to eventually leave, to make our way home... The difference between a wanderer and a Hobo might just be a home and a job...

ho·bo (hō'bō) Pronunciation Key
n. pl. ho·boes or ho·bos

One who wanders from place to place without a permanent home or a means of livelihood.
A migrant worker.

HUH! I guess you COULD work... Well, anyways... may all your wanderings be happy wanderings, and may God Bless your every step!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bigelow, Little Bigelow, Avery Peak, Sugarloaf, Moxie Bald... and snow!

I was just chillin' at work this morning, (literally), waiting on customers in the lumber yard, and building loads for delivery... and thinking. I was thinking about how cold I was, and how cold I was yet to be, when winter finally hits Maine with all it's might. I was thinking that my bones were getting older, and my blood less quick to adapt to the change of seasons. I was thinking that I wasn't sure how to pay the heating bills this season, even with a thermostat set to 60 degrees. I was thinking... why did we move back to Maine from North Carolina! THEY are still pretty WARM! ...
... but I grinned, and told myself to toughen up. I also closed up the collar on my jacket, then changed to a fresh, dry pair of gloves. I could only hope that Mike would pick me to do a delivery, preferably going North, to warm me up for an hour or two, and brighten my outlook on the day.
Prayers answered! Mike asked me to take a run locally, then scoot a few other items up to Solon. NORTH! YESSSS! Well, the first run took me to higher elevation, with gorgeous views of the local mountains, then I struck off North, gazing at them for the next half-hour, dead-on. This is a particularly beautiful area, with familiar views to the locals. I was warmed up by now, and caught up in the majesty... to my left, the Vineyard Mountains, smallish in stature, magnificent in beauty! Turning my eyes slightly right, I was caught up in Sugarloaf Mtn, then the Bigelow Range! Ah, the Appalachian Trail wanders the summits of these mountains, and my mind began to trudge along with it... ...the Horns, Bigelow, Avery Peak, Little Bigelow... then, off to my right, Pleasant Pond Mtn, and Moxie Bald!

...Did I forget to tell you that it snowed yesterday, in the upper elevations? Although it was a forewarning of the coming winter, here at home, it seemed to say, "It will be OK! Look at my BEAUTY, and enjoy!". And I did. ... My thoughts were turned from the ominous discomforts of a long cold winter, to how God had adorned these majestic peaks with ermine coats, warming the mountainscape, and my heart.

Thoroughly warmed, I moved the heater fan from high to low, made my drop, then returned to Madison, frequently looking into the mirrors to see if my mountains were still there.

The rest of the day was spent taking an inventory of all the "good" things God has given me, even on the "not so good" days. As we scurry around in our busy little lives, we need to remember the good things we have had the pleasure of, and also be sure that God will BLESS us, even tomorrow, even in the cold.

Yes, I will think on those good things, warmly.

...God Bless.

Kelly "Stickman" Hibbard

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bull Moose at Moxie Gore Outfitters

Hey there!

Just want to share a small part of my day with you... I had a delivery to Ken Christopher up to C. Moxie Gore Outfitters up in Moxie Gore Twp., (Go North of Caratunk on Rt. 201 to "The Forks", turn right...).

This area has to be one of my favorites. Any delivery North of Solon, Maine makes me a happy camper. Above Solon is Bingham...getting happier! Then, of course, is Caratunk! There, the A.T. passes through, and also crosses the Kennebec River (via canoe, it is the only official ferry on the whole trail!). Above Caratunk...The Forks. Turn right to get to Moxie Gore, Moxie Falls, and of course, C. Moxie Gore Outfitters.

During my forays North (lumber deliveries...), I am always on the lookout for moose. I hadn't seen one for awhile, and had my hopes up, as this was a prime area. Well, I was quite disappointed on the way up moose. I did see a few signs of moose such as this one...

...but no moose.

However... while bringing the materials across the deck and into the camp, Ken stopped me... "Look, there's a moose.", he said, quietly. I didn't hear it moving, which is surprising, as it is such a huge animal. It was also VERY close... about twenty feet, or so, off the deck. A big Bull, it walked slowly, and quite gracefully, by us, through a short patch of woods between us and the stream. Then, Ken surprised me. He started calling the moose to try to coax it back to us. (No, he did NOT say "Here moose, here moose."!) To my delight, the moose turned from the stream, coming back a ways towards us, to meet the challenge. Ken explained that during "rut", the big fellas are competing for the affections of their favorite cows. It stopped, and Ken made a few more attempts... but Bullwinkle turned toward the stream, and slowly waded across. Ken surmised that he might have been too bold in his calling, portraying a dominant Bull, and chasing the poor fella off.

So, that was the highlight of my day. I am not able to share a photo with you, as I had no camera with me... On the other hand, I also enjoyed my time with Ken, and I did go online to their website. I found this nice picture of Ken with his wife, relaxing for a moment on the porch. I don't think he'll mind my sharing.

Thanks, Ken, for another great visit with you, and thanks to all of you that continue to share my blog. God Bless you.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Phreak completes John Muir Trail...

Hi everyone!
Just came in from working on the last, straggling, vegetables in our garden, and found I had an e-mail from Brian (Phreak). He has completed the John Muir Trail! I will include his e-mail, as follows...

"From: Sent: Tue Sep 30 15:55

Subject: John Muir Trail - COMPLETED

Hey everyone!
Just a quick note to let everyone know I'm safely back in Atlanta. The trip was awesome! We finished early in the morning on the 20th day of the trip.

Naturally, I'll be heading back out next year to see how fast I can speed hike it. Shooting for 7 days or less.

Weather was great... average high 65, average low 35, less than 2 hours of precipitation throughout the trip (all on day 6).

I took roughly 2300 photos and 60+ minutes of video clips. It'll take me a couple of weeks to get everything sorted, optimized, re-sized and published to the web. I'll send a link once everything is online and ready for viewing."
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
As always, a hearty congratulations goes out to Phreak, for a safe and successful hike! I will be sure to post his link when he gets his pictures up for viewing...
So... back to the chores! 'Til later... God Bless!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Careful where you step! (Don't put your foot in your mouth...)

Hello folks!

It's been crazy busy (LIFE) lately, but I determined that I should take just a few minutes to say "Hello", and share something I've been chewing on...

I've titled todays entry "Careful where you step! (Don't put your foot in your mouth...)". Which, I suppose, could also be, "You have to "walk the walk", if you're going to "talk the talk"... and, hence, you should also be careful (how) to "talk the talk" if you are truly "walking the walk"... yeah, OK, NOW I'm confused! Did You follow that?!? I hope so...

Well, here we go... If you say that you are a Christian, you should be walking through your life as a Christian. IF you are a follower of Christ, your path,(actions in life), should follow the path He has directed for you, and reflect the conduct that He not only desires, but requires. Now, of course, we occasionally stumble, and fall down, but the key is to get back up, dust ourselves off, ask forgiveness, and keep trying to stay on the path. So, there we are... our actions should be pleasing to our Lord... and also be a witness to those who do not know Him. They say "actions speak louder than words". Maybe so...

...Our walk IS very important! Folks should be able to see Christ in us! We should be "walking witnesses"! ... And, many of us are. We just mess it all up when we open up our mouths and insert foot. When we proclaim to Jesus that He is our Savior, and we walk the walk, that's awesome! But, when we walk the walk, and then open our mouths to talk the talk to our unsaved brothers and sisters, things often go awry. We often are very harsh, insensitive, and judgemental. It is awful easy to spout out all the do's and don'ts to people, (even gently), and seriously offend the majority of them. If someone is watching your walk closely, and wants to know why you are walking (hopefully) different than others, it may suffice, initially, to just tell them that you are a Christian. It may not be advantagious to rattle off that you are a Born-again Christian, saved by grace through the shed blood of Jesus, etc., and if they don't accept Him too, they are all condemned to Hell! ...oh, and the list of "do's and don'ts"... whack them with that for good measure. ...Do you think maybe we Christians sometimes give Christianity a bad name? Well, I do. ...even when we are trying to do it in love. I know that most of you have heard of "WWJD" (What Would Jesus Do?). OK! My point tonight comes down to this... "WWJS" (What Would Jesus SAY?!?). Let us not only ponder the paths of our feet, but also the ways of our tongue, and not let it go wild. Let's be sure to tame it so that it, too, will be an effective witness for our Lord.

There... now I just want to say, (carefully), to all of the folks out there who are'nt Christians, that I will try to choose (chew) my words carefully. I understand why, at times, I have had the start of a possibly great relationship with someone, only to have it disconnect as soon as that person found out I was a Christian. However, I DO ask you to overlook, or tolerate, some of my shortcomings, to the end that you might see (and hear) past me, to Christ, Himself. If, by some chance you should see me out walking, and are interested in the path I'm on, look beyond me, up the trail... that's where Christ is... that's where I'm headed...

There... Now, although I've enjoyed this time with you all, it's getting late. I'm getting sleepy... sleeeppyyy ...ssslleeepppyyy... Yah, I know, it IS obvious that I'm overtired! But, I'm not too tired to ask God's blessings on everyone of you. God Bless!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Portland Fair, and such...

Good morning!

The day is off to a wonderful start! I was up and moving by 5:00 AM this fine morning, which would be considered a late start for many of the thru-hikers out there. But, whereas I am not on trail, it's not a bad start time. I do have a busy day, though, as I'm sure many of you do also. I first headed out to the Church to tear down, and carry off, the big signs that I had put up for our recent Motorcycle Church. By the way, that is a "way fun" ministry, with lot's of bikes, bikers, music, food, and messages. It was our third year of this ministry, and was awesome... and it seems to get better each year! ... so... see you there next year!

Busy... oh, yeah! Speaking of busy... I had a call a few days back from a friend at Church. I had told him to call me when he needed help putting up his new garage. Well, Andy called me, and today is the day. I said yes! Of course I will be there!... and I will. I just happened to forget that this weekend is New Portland Fair weekend. We have been attending it these last few years as vendors, with our ScriptureSticks. We never expect to sell any, are not dissapointed if we don't, and are pleasantly surprised if we do! Actually, we end up giving a few away, which serves to accomplish our intended goal... to have people be exposed to a little bit of scripture, and then carry it around for others to read.

Well, I best be getting going... while I did the sign demolition, Cari got everything together for the fair, and had it 99% loaded in the truck. About all I had to do was load a cooler, give her a kiss, and wish her well. Yup, she is going to go to the fair alone... I will help Andy for a good part of the day, then head for New Portland to help. Should be done around 8:00 PM., and come home. Tomorrow we do the Fair together, which will be fun.

So it goes... we run around, doing things, and hope we don't forget someone important (anyone...). We also hope that we don't lose sight of someone most important... God!

So, gotta go help Andy, and the crew. You all have a good time at the New Portland Fair, and stop by and say "Hey!", to my wonderful wife, Cari...

God Bless!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Hiking Hugger!

Hey everyone! Boy, hardly a day goes by, that I don't get some kind of a Blessing... a "Hug from God", if you like. (I don't always get time to sit down and tell you all about it). Well... this past week, while returning to Madison from a lumber delivery in Fryeburg, I stopped for a quick break in Bethel. As I headed toward the entrance of the convenience store, I noticed some familier "trail sign"... a couple of well-worn backpacks, and two sets of trekking poles! I instantly slowed my pace, realizing that there MUST be two (or more) thru-hikers in close proximity... they never stray far from their packs. I glanced around the area... THERE THEY WERE! They appeared to be friendly, so I approached them. I made small talk, and one responded that he was "GRIZZ"... Thank God he was friendly! The other hiker was known on the trail as "TREAT". Real friendly. I caught them during a rest break/feeding time, but they were more than happy to chat. They were having a wonderful hike, looking forward to more of the better weather to hike in. They had their sights set on getting to the hostel in Andover, for a bit more rest and food.

My spirits were lifted during the brief encounter. I wished them well on the remainder of the journey, and gave them contact information, should I be able to assist them in any way up the trail. They also were an encouragement to me, that I might find a way to get back on the trail, (someday, soon).

I always find hikers to be fascinating, each in their own unique way. Almost anyone, given opportunity, will share with you something that they have done, are doing, or are planning to do. This encounter was no exception. TREAT shared with me that he is also known as "THE HIKING HUGGER". Yes... THE HIKING HUGGER! Now, I can't say that I was a recipient of any hugs, but on investigation, I found that he has hugged... (wait...please go to the following to find out!)

...As you can see, he isn't afraid of hugging! As you can also see, he is "hiking for a cause", as many of us do. What do you MEAN, you didn't check out the site! OK, while you do that, I'll close, while asking God's Blessings on all of you! Take care, ponder the paths of your feet, and let all your ways be established. GOD BLESS!


Monday, September 1, 2008

Phreak... going for a hike!

Hey everybody!

All is well up here in the beautiful State of Maine! The weather has finally taken a turn for the better, and we have been blessed by several wonderfully sunny days. Believe me, that IS a blessing for all of the hardy hikers who have been slogging through seemingly endless miles of rain, "stream trails", and mud, mud, mud! They're going to have to learn to walk again... on dry ground.

I like to take opportunities to share the little blessings that occasionally come my way, and one of those blessings came my way today. I got a very brief e-mail from Brian "Phreak" today, (see following), and felt very blessed that he thought of me!

Here is Phreak's e-mail...

"From: Sent: Mon Sep 1 17:27

To: Priority: Normal

Subject: Month of September Type: HTML Msg

Hey everyone!
I'm flying out Wed morning (9/3) to CA to hike the John Muir Trail from 9/5 to 9/27. I'll have no access to email, voicemail, cell phone, etc.

I'll return all emails and phone calls as soon as possible after my return on 9/28."

I'm praying for his safety and a wonderful hike as he ventures out to the left coast. Be sure to check out this trail, looks like a SUPER hike!

Well, everyone, just a short post to touch base and say "hello". ... ...

So... any of you folks out there Prayer Warriors? Great! Could you include Phreak in your prayers? Thanks! While your at it could you think of me? Awesome! I will keep you all in prayer too! G'night, and God Bless!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Memphis Tim, "On top of the world"

Recieved confirmation from "Memphis", that he made it to summit of Mt. Katahdin! Here is his e-mail ...

"From: 'Tim Tache' Sent: Fri Aug 22 8:14

To:,, ... Priority: Normal

Subject: 2,175 miles...and so it went.... Type: Attachments

"I'm a through hiker, a one way hiker yeah, it took me so long to find out, but I found out...."
Well, what can I say? The last week of my journey was better than I could ever have hoped. A million angels in golden chariots lassoed the rain clouds and pulled them away- or maybe it was a high pressure system- no, definitely angels. In the wilderness I was able to meet up with Jukebox, The General and Loafy and we were actually able to slack pack thanks to vehicle support from Jukebox's dad, Dave.
I summited Katahdin August 20 with my cousin Josh and my uncle Eric along with Loafy, The General, Jukebox, Bunz & Roses, Spock & Twiggy, Hearts, Tupperware, Crush and Beershake. It was cool and very windy with the sun peeking through the clouds, in other words, perfect. Then I hiked down the spectacular Knive's Edge with Josh.
This hike has really been about all of the fabulous people I met along the way, too many to even try to list right now. I am now headed back to PA for a bit and then- who knows. If any of you know of any jobs for a guy with a BA in History and basic woodworking skills I would be willing to walk any distance to relocate. Thanks so much for all the wonderful support you have all given me along the way. I hope our paths cross soon. -Tim
After the first few thousand miles,
a man gets limber with his feet.
Sgt. Buster Kilrain, 20th Maine"

I'm sure that Memphis has come away from the trail with a pack full of sweet memories that he will savor for a lifetime. As many of the hikers will echo, Memphis emphasized that his hike "has really been about all of the fabulous people I met along the way, too many to even try to list right now." . Wow!... Not to take anything away from all of the beautiful views... the satisfaction of taming 2,175 miles of trail... or those joyous moments of solitude... Memphis, I believe, got it right! It IS, for many, the people encountered along the way, that are the "icing on the cake".

So... Congrats go out to Memphis, on completing a wonderful journey. There are so many others, also, that have completed this year, and to them a big "WOO-HOO!". Let's not forget the rest of our hiker friends out there, who have yet to finish... let's help them in any way we can.

Memphis... Thanks for letting me be some small part of your journey. It was wonderful to meet you, and share a fine meal. God Bless you in ALL your journeys!

And God Bless ALL of you too!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Memphis Tim" in Monson

Just got an e-mail from "Memphis Tim" Tache, who has managed to hike up into Monson. Sure sounds like it's been rough out there for all our hiker friends, but Memphis has somehow maintained a sense of humor and a positive attitude! Oh well, I don't think he'll mind if I share his update... it will put a little more light on it... here goes...

"Tue Aug 12 16:11
Hi Everyone,
Well Maine was supposed to be my victory lap on this long walk. Instead it has been a crucible mushing all north-bounders into a soggy pulp. I have been lucky enough to hike through this state during the wettest summer on record. I have walked day after day through over rain slicked granite mountains, slippery roots and mud, mud, mud and more mud. The free hiker ferry over the Kenebec River was closed do to high water for the first time ever in August requiring a thirty mile shuttle in the back of a pick-up truck. Luckily the rain is easing a little and I was able to ford two rivers yesterday that were impassible a day earlier.
I am now in Monson, ME the last town on the trail 114 miles from Katahdin. Tomorrow comes the hundred mile wilderness, the most remote section of the entire trail. Today I am savoring my last "zero" day (no hiking). My aunt Mary Ann, uncle Eric and cousin Josh are joining me tonight for dinner and to take my last will and testament (I kid, I kid).
Despite a little hardship I really am in pretty good spirits and in about a week I will actually be able to say that I am an AT through-hiker. I just won't be able to explain why. I hope to see all of you up the trail. -Memphis Tim

After the first few thousand miles,
a man gets limber with his feet.
Sgt. Buster Kilrain, 20th Maine"

(Thanks, Memphis for the update, and I pray you have a fantastic finish to your hike! Hope you also have a wonderful time with your family tonight... God Bless!)

Hope you are all well, and that you enjoy sharing my little blurbs on my blog. Until next time, then... God Bless you all out there!


Monday, August 4, 2008

Shout-out to "Memphis Tim"

Hey Memphis!

Just wanted to say that it was nice to have met you and to have shared a meal with you over to the Fancys' the other night. Thanks for the invite, Eric, and Happy Birthday! Nice to see your family again!

*Memphis had hiked up through the Mahoosic Notch without any troubles, and after getting clear of what many throughhikers consider to be the "toughest mile on the A.T.", he stepped wrong on a rock, and went down... and at the very least, bruising some ribs. I think there is a better possibility of cracked ribs, from how he was feeling. A few days off trail will hopefully heal him.

So, Memphis, I hope that you are well on your way, and having a great finish to your hike. By the way, after you are done, could you possibly e-mail to me a picture of you on summit? I would be honored to post it here on the blog!

Well, gotta go back to work! I'll end with a little prayer for Memphis, the other hikers out there, and of course, for you too! GOD BLESS!


Monday, July 28, 2008

"Memphis Tim" is in Maine!

Ya, I know, it's exciting! ... I'm sure that it is very exciting for Memphis Tim to have made it into his last State, and close to tackling Katahdin! But, you know, it is exciting for me too! Those of you who have never met Memphis are not alone... I haven't met him yet either.

I heard of Memphis from Eric Fancy, an old friend and ex-coworker, who lives across the river, in Anson. I believe Memphis is a relative of Eric's, or possibly Eric's wife... darned if I can remember. But, at any rate, I tried to check up on Memphis from time to time, and he was very kind in having e-mailed me.

He made it into Maine, through Mahoosic Notch, and such, and on up to Wilton, where one of his hiking buddies, Jared, aka "Cuda", spoke at a fundraiser for homeless veterans...(check it out)...

Now Memphis is in Anson, visiting with the Fancy's, getting some needed rest and tanking up on calories. Eric was so kind in inviting me over for tomorrow evening to meet Tim, and chat awhile. So, ya, I'm excited about tomorrow evening, and listening to some "trail tales"!

Feeling quite blessed, hope you are feeling God's Blessings too!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Comings and goings...

Hey everyone! I hope that this update finds you all well!

Lot's going on up here these days, and Cari and I can hardly catch our breath. No complaints, though, as most of the hectivity...(I think I just made up a new word! HECTIC and ACTIVITY = HECTIVITY)... has been all good.

I have to say, it was good to take a couple of days away at Acadia, to do a little recharging... and it was a FUN time for Cari and I.

Some other good stuff! The truck! A few weeks back, I had wanted to go to Caratunk to try and hook up with a few hikers, maybe do a quick hike. Cari asked me how I would get there, as she had to work. I said "the truck", of course, referring to the old Dodge I use to go gather sticks. She then asked me if I thought that the truck would make it all the way to Caratunk and back... Well, I had to be honest... probably not. She then suggested that we look into purchasing a truck that was for sale just down the street from us. We now own (we and the Bank), a pretty nice truck. It is, for sure, the nicest truck I have ever owned. It is a 1998 Ford F-150 with a Leer Cap and a Bedrug liner. It has 108,000 miles on it, but runs well, and has NO RUST! We are pretty sure it can make it to Caratunk and back. It will be so wonderful for us, as we take our ScriptureSticks to events. The Pittsfield Egg Festival is coming right up, so we will get a chance to try it out! We are both feeling very blessed!

Speaking of Pittsfield Egg Festival, we are doing our best to get ready for it. Cari and possibly Elizabeth will do the Festival this year, as I have a Hibbard Family Reunion to attend on the same day... yeah, I know... I was the one that set the date for the reunion... what was I thinking!... But, it's all good, isn't it!?!

We have lot's of sticks to do, and are a little behind. I guess that is good also, to have something to do... We pray that those of you who are waiting will continue to be patient with us, we will get caught up soon... I think!

Last week... what a blast! I was asked to help out with TEEN WEEK out at our Church, Crossroads Bible Church, and decided I could do that. I am so glad that I got involved with these wonderful youth! The blessings were all mine! I was the speaker one night, which was kinda neat, and stretched me a little, out of my comfort zone. Again, it was all good! I got to know some of the youth a little better, and spent some quality time with some of the leaders. ... Special message to the YOUTH... I have gotten the jello, shaving cream, and silly string off of me! I will be looking for you! I hope you all had as good a time as I did, and that you also took something with you from the weeks messages!

This coming weekend... is the start of MOTORCYCLE CHURCH at Crossroads! We hold it for several Saturdays, for the biker's, and anyone else who would like to come. It starts at 6:00 PM and generally runs a couple of hours. There is free food and drinks, music, great fellowship and a message. On August 30th there will be a Motorcycle Rodeo, which is a blast! Although Cari and I do not have a motorcycle at this time, we still like to be involved, and will provide the food for one of the nights, and will do the music for another night. It is a great time, and we hope some of you might join us... bring a friend! See you there!

Now... what to do next?... mow the lawn!... no, no... weed the garden!... maybe... go cut some sticks... or rout some!

I'll try to do a little of everything, I guess!

Keep us in prayer, if you would, it is really appreciated!

Until next time, God Bless you all,


Monday, July 7, 2008

Todd Murphy made it!

Hey everyone! ...I just got home from work, and thought I would check up on the progress of Mr. Todd Murphy, as he made his way SOBO, finishing up the A.T. hike he started last year. Well, the great news is that he summited Springer Mtn. on June 30th! It is a great accomplishment for anybody to finish this trail, and even more so for Murph, as he is a double amputee (both lower legs). I hope you will all join me in giving a huge "attaboy!" to Todd. He is AMAZING! Check out his Trailjournals site, and leave a comment for him! Well, gotta go! God Bless!


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Acadia, and such...

Quick update... Cari and I just returned from Acadia, where we stayed at Southwest Harbor for a few days! It was a much needed vacation away for the two of us, and we feel encouraged and rejuvenated! We would like to extend our thanks to brother Bill, and his wife, Karrie, for their generosity in offering their timeshare week to us. Although we were not able to stay the whole week, we had the best of times. We headed over late on Tuesday, and returned to Madison, today, (Sunday)! So, THANKS SO MUCH Bill and Karrie! It was a gift we will always cherish!

Some brief notes of our stay... It was supposed to rain every day. It only rained today, after we were on the road!...

We met wonderful people, from "there", and "away"!

From "there"... would include Jeff, of Somesville, who I believe is the "Garrison Keillor" of Mount Desert Island, if not of Maine. He entertained us with many stories, some humorous, some serious, all revealing some golden nugget as each story was unwrapped. We would like to thank you Jeff, for your kindness, and immediate friendship. I would also like to say these two things to you... "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight." (Proverbs 3:5&6). ...and the next time we meet, we will all sing "God Bless America" ...we understand. Thanks. Our prayers are with you...

From "away"... would include Jim and his wife, Kitty, imports from Chicago. We had the good fortune of meeting these two folks as we readied ourselves to dine on lobster, at "Thurston's". They were at the next table, and we overheard Jim asking the server, how he should go about eating his lobster. The reply he recieved was basically this... "There is meat, here, here,". Cari instantly offered to have them join us, and to our great fortune, they did! We did quick introductions, and then, just as quickly, Cari and Jim began the search for the precious lobster meat, with Cari instructing along the way. Kitty, not a huge seafood fan, (some folks aren't, ya know!), had opted for a BLT, after seeing the live lobsters going to their demise. Kitty did try some though, and we applaud her bravery! They were such a nice young couple, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with them. Thanks, Jim, for your easy demeanor and infectious laugh... also for the prayer that you offered up. That meant so much to us! We pray that you both have a wonderful time while you see more of Maine, and that you have safe travels. Thanks again for sharing your time with us!

SO, so much more!... walks on Sand Beach, looking for,(and finding), many sand dollars... browsing the many shops on the Island... strolling on the granite, atop Cadillac Mtn. ... pleasant drives around the Island... checking out the Gardens, and Abbe Museum... giving out a few of the ScriptureSticks! I can't begin to tell you, and wouldn't know where to end... So, suffice it to say, it was all wonderful, and wonderful for Cari and I! ...

... Around here, it had been very busy prior to our little getaway. Lot's of chores... mowing, gardening, and such. Also, a few ScriptureSticks were completed, and delivered. I also had opportunity to get out into John and Becky's woodlot (THANKS J & B!) to harvest and peel some more sticks. I managed to get 100 of them in the sunshine, and another 100 of them in the rain...for a GRAND total of 200! Now they are safely drying out upstairs in the barn, waiting their turn to become ScriptureSticks.

...There are days, and then there are days that I feel God's Blessing's so deeply upon me... that is how I feel tonight. I know that I need to be more Christ-centered, and less ME-centered, to better be able to recognize all the Blessings that are given to me... So, tonight, my prayer is that my eyes will be wide open to the Lord's Blessings, and that you, too, will be able to see His Blessings in your life too! ... and, with that, may God Bless you all...


Friday, June 20, 2008

Hiker alert! Bears!

Had to pass this one along! It is inevitable that if one hikes long enough, he will encounter a bear. So, please be prepared to protect yourself! Prayer is a sure way to help you through even the most difficult of situations, but... be careful what you pray for! Please heed the following story...

There’s a Christian who’s hiking in the woods one day when he comes upon an angry bear.

The bear stood up on its hind legs and growled ferociously, clearly preparing to charge.

In panic, the Christian started to run, but the bear followed close on his heels.

Finally the hiker came to a cliff. So he dropped to his knees and asked God to please make this bear a good Christian bear.

To the hiker’s amazement, the bear suddenly stopped growling, fell to his knees and folded his paws together in prayer!

"Thank you, Lord!" exclaimed the Christian.

"Thank you, Lord!" exclaimed the bear, "for this meal I'm about to receive!"

Stay safe out there, and may God Bless all of your travels!


Thursday, June 5, 2008

The long and the short of it...

Hey, it's been a pretty fine week! We had some great company during this past week, Eric, a good friend, and classmate waaaayyy back in High School, visited the other night, thanks Eric! Then, there was Vicky, another from school days, and a good friend of my wife, Cari. They had a pretty tight-knit group back then, which included another classmate, April, and her sister Dawn. They all visited us this past week! Wow, were we getting blessed real good! They all got out for a visit with another of their group, Lloyd, who was another classmate of mine. It had been many years since they had all been together... pretty neat!

So, what does that have to do with ScriptureSticks?... Well, it does, I think... but, mostly I was just thinking about these old (as in the past) acquaintances and how they touch our lives. One most important common bond is that every one of them are Christians, and they all had an impact on me, especially when I was unsaved.

As I was giving thought to old friends, I worked away on some ScriptureSticks. Some of them had been requested by Dawn and April. Two of them, I reflected, were the shortest and longest sets of scripture verse that I had ever had the pleasure of placing on a ScriptureStick!

John 11:35... Jesus wept.

2 Peter 1:5-7... For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness, love.

(That second one barely fit on a BIG ScriptureStick! Whew!)

After finishing up on the sticks, I came downstairs, and got my Bible out. I spent a good hour this evening, just trying to get to know these scriptures a little bit better. Reading them... reading "around" them, to put them in context. I know, for sure, that although I got a lot out of this mini-study, I could study these scriptures all night, or all week, and still not have their meanings completely revealed to me. But... the point that I'm eventually getting to is this... Scripture was placed in front of me, and I felt the need to investigate further. I wondered about it... I was curious. ... ... ...That is exactly the hope I have in this little ScriptureStick ministry! That Cari and I will place Scripture on hiking sticks, and the sticks will be read, or hopefully fall into the hands of the unsaved. Our prayer is that the unsaved will wonder about the Scripture they read, and be compelled to seek the Word. It is also our hope that Christians who have a ScriptureStick will be emboldened to share their faith in Jesus Christ with the unsaved... that the ScriptureStick might be the conversation starter... Hey, neat stick! What does that say on it?

So... that is the long and the short of it... as they say.

Which means that it is really, really late right now, and time to ask God to Bless you all, real good! Thanks go out to all you friends that stopped by for a visit! Anybody else out there that I havn't seen for a bit? You're all welcome to stop in for a visit! G'Night, and God Bless!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Murphy, Mr. Cowpie, and Twisted Sister!

Just enjoying a few relaxing moments tonight, between work at the lumber yard, and work on the ScriptureSticks... So, I thought it might be nice to see, "Whatever happened to them!?!".

Through a quick search, this is the scoop...

"Murphy", aka Todd Murphy... You may remember my talking about Murph. He is a double amputee (lower legs), and is hiking the A.T.. We met Murphy at SHAW'S in Monson, Maine last year. What a guy, you'd love to be around him! Well, he didn't get to finish last year, but he's back out there! You can do a quick search for him on the net... try ""Todd Murphy", Hiker, A.T.", and you should get plenty of great articles, and his journal. Murphy has a great story, and I truly hope he puts it in print. Check him out!

"Mr. Cowpie", and "Twisted Sister"... Just use their names for a search, and you should be in pretty good shape. We exchanged "picture-taking duties" with them up on the Bigelow Range in Maine. (Thanks you two, the pictures were great!) We caught up with them for a bit, much further down trail, where they were hiking with Tengu. Anyway... seems that Twisted Sister had to stop her hike with a broken leg. But, thank God, she is all healed up, and she and Mr. Cowpie are back on trail! Mr. Cowpie is her Dad, and is also a children's entertainer. Type in "Mr. Cowpie" for that one!

Well... It lifted my spirits to see them all on trail! I hope you will join me in lifting them all in prayer for a safe and happy hike. Do you know of anyone else who is finishing this year? Any tidbits from the trail? Drop me a line, if you will, and please... God Bless you ALL!


Sunday, June 1, 2008

June 1st...Looking back...Looking forward!

So... It's June 1st! For me, and possibly a few others, a very memorable date. A year ago, today, Faithful and I were heading out of Andover, Maine, beginning a flip-flop hike. We were trekking North, towards Katahdin, where we would bounce back to Andover, and begin making our way South. It was somewhat surreal for me, having never really been a hiker... and recently I had become a survivor of a Fiftieth Birthday. We walked into the woods, away from friends and family, excited, hopeful, happy, sad, apprehensive, and not just a little bit lonely. Reality was sinking in. The purpose of my hike was Christian missions work, to spend time with other hikers, do my best to be a servant hiker, and gently spread the good news of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The hope was that I would meet SOBO hikers on our trip NOBO, then hike with some of them after we flipped back to Andover. And then, of course, meet lot's of NOBO hikers as we made our way South...

Faithful... Faithful Pilgrim... David Barnes in the real world, but on the trail he will always be Faithful. He was setting out on a young man's dream, a dream I had often shared at his age. A dream that had almost been lost to me. Faithful had a few reasons for not being out on that trail... and every reason to try it anyway. I don't believe he would mind my sharing that he has epilepsy, and has had surgeries to attempt to prevent seizures. Faithful, on the recommendation of his Doctor, was looking to hike with somebody, to make his trip safer. We connected, and decided that we would hit the trail together. It was to my delight to be hiking with another Christian! It was also nice to have a hiking partner, as I was terribly out of shape, and had a knee injury that had still not healed completely...

We had a great time, not without it's tough moments, but all in all, a GREAT time! We hiked together North, from Andover, starting out with tough hiking, and staying tough, up and down some rugged mountains, across the Bigelow Range, through the "100 mile wilderness" and up Katahdin! Then, back to Andover, and heading South, through the Mahoosics and the Whites, up and over beautiful Mt. Washington. On we went to Vermont, a terrific State to hike! I began to have a problem with swelling in my lower right leg, and could see my hike coming to a possible end. By the time we got into Bennington, I figured I may have a fracture, and it would be best for us to head home...

That was a turning point in our plans. I needed medical attention, and may have been finished... Faithful wanted so badly to go on... we both came home. I was thoroughly checked out, determined to have an infection in my leg, and needed to heal and rest. It was uncertain if I would return to the trail. Faithful, his family, and his Doctor made a decision... he would go back on trail, alone. After a week off trail, he headed back, bravely hiking solo.

Three weeks after coming home, my leg mostly healed, my body weight back up a bit, and my muscles definitely not as strong, I also returned to Bennington, Vermont. I had missed out on three weeks of hiking, but more importantly, I was well behind all of the SOBO's, and the NOBO's were very few. Most of them had gotten North of Bennington while I was off trail. I still got opportunities to witness to a few, and some dayhikers. There were a lot of Freshman orientation groups from various Colleges that were out for section hikes, and I got to speak with many of them. I tried as best as I could to catch up with some SOBO's, but even pacing off 22 miles or so a day, it was to no avail. The hiking was still very enjoyable, but witness opportunities were few. It was also becoming dangerous, as I may not see anybody for a couple of days, and if I got injured on a high ridge on a Monday, it was likely that I wouldn't be found until the next weekend... So... I hiked on, until I reached the Greymoor Friary, in Peekskill, New York, where I spent a night in prayer, seeking to find the right decision regarding continuing the hike. The next morning, I packed my gear, and headed out... seeking an easy path that would lead me home to Maine. In a brief 24 Hours, I was safe at home, resting. Hard to believe... I was again filled with many emotions, sadness of leaving the trail, joy in being home with my wife, Cari. Happiness that the Lord allowed me this wonderful time out on the trail, meeting so many wonderful, and sometimes lost, people. Dissapointment in not finishing the trail, missing out on being with other hikers. Wonderment that I was able to hike 800 miles! ...and, yeah, I know that I could have continued... but I knew that it wasn't my time to hike. God will have me do that at a later date.

So, here I was at home, making the most of it. I ventured up to Stratton/Eustis a couple of times, and was blessed with the opportunity to help out fellow (and lady) hikers. One lady, "Bunker", was a hiker I had met in Vermont! So, yes, the Lord continued to Bless! I continued to follow Faithful's progress, keeping him held up in prayer, as he meandered South. I began working on a few more ScriptureSticks, and tried to accustom myself to the "real world". Faithful continued on, making good progress, hiking all the way down South, into Virginia!

Springtime came to Maine, slowly, and as it did, Faithful returned to the trail, down South. I had the pleasure of following his progress once again, and I with others, shared his joy and victory, as he completed his thru-hike in May, finishing at Springer Mtn., Georgia!

As for myself, I have revisited, in my mind, bits and pieces of the trail, reminiscing about the time spent with Faithful, and so, so many people that I have met along my journey.

Last night, May 31st, was a culmination of our hikes, for both Faithful and I. His family and friends all got together at their little Church in Canaan, Maine. They had a celebration for him, and for the completion of his hike. It was a wonderful time, lot's of well-wishers, food, slide show, and great conversation. I got to talk a bit with Faithful, congratulating him on a hike well done... Somehow, a congratulation does not seem adequate, for I really do know what it takes to walk that path... or at least part of it. With a nice smile, Faithful seemed to understand. He also said something that meant an awful lot to me. "You walked the hardest part of the trail...". That, to me, was not meant as just an acknowledgement that I had done something hard... it was taken in the spirit of encouragement, that next time... next time. For sure, I will attempt it again.

Last year, and yesterday, are now sweet memories, for both Faithful and I. Today, and tonight, I continue to reminisce, and ponder the paths that we wandered down. Today, June 1st, one year ago... we had embarked on an incredible journey. One was completed, and the other complete, but not finished... Today, June 1st, one year ago, we were sleeping in the wilds, our first night of many.

Today, June 1st... Faithful, I suspect, is sleeping soundly, at home. I have opted to stay up late, savor the memories until the clock ticks off a new day, and everything that it holds for me. I will spend these last few minutes of June 1st wondering who has started SOBO, from Katahdin today... and lift them in prayer, for a safe and wonder-filled journey.

Looking forward... I am not a young man... but I still have a young man's dream in this old man's body. I hope and pray that I will be able to return to the trail someday, maybe in a year or two. I will work on the ScriptureStick Ministry in anticipation! So... as I pray for this new batch of hikers this evening, I hope you will join me... and include me in your prayers, too!

Tick, tick, tick... almost a new day! God Bless you all, and again, thank you for all of your love and support!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Faithful Pilgrim reaches Springer!

Quick update on Faithful... He has completed his hike, reaching Springer Mtn., BEFORE June 1st. (We started last year on June 1st). SO... THAT makes him an official A.T. THRUHIKER! I hope that you will all jump to his blog...


...and leave a nice "WoooHoooo!!!" on his "comments section".

Thanks for staying in touch!
God Bless!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hey, I just gotta say...

1. I haven't posted for a bit, but I HAVE entered a few days of my trail journal.

2. I've started to thaw out, after a too long winter... planning the garden. YAY!

3. Faithful is almost done with his thru-hike... Let's all cheer him on to the finish!

4. Warm enough to work on sticks again... and almost time to cut and peel new sticks!

5. Calendar is starting to fill up quick! But... still planning to get out for a hike or two. ... and maybe a kayak trip. ...

6. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ... I am ever so thankful for the support Cari and I have recieved with making the ScriptureStick mission successful. And for all the terrific love, support, and encouragement with the A.T. ministry.

7. I WILL attempt to thru-hike the A.T. in the future... just not sure when. Anyone else out there takin' a whack at it? Love to hear from you. Let us know if we can help while you are in Maine.

8. I am getting a tremendous response regarding the A.T. attempt. I am being asked about it at least once or twice a day, lately. It gives me a continued opportunity to explain that it was being done as a ministry! I get to talk about the trail! Thank you all for your interest and encouragement!

9. Ummm... uhhhhhh... let's see. Hmmmm... Oh, yeah! (go to item #10)

10. God Bless you ALL!



Monday, March 31, 2008

type, type, type...

Hey, everyone!

Just letting you know that I am making an attempt to get some more of my trail journal entries fact, I have posted a few days since last we talked.

Good ol' Faithful is still out on the trail, doing fine. Check in with him on his blog when you can, maybe give him a few words of encouragement in the "comment" section. His site is...

I know he would love to know that you are thinking of him.

Have a great night everybody! God Bless!


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Still in semi-hibernation...

Hi there! Spring is beginning to come around up here in the wonderful State of Maine! I confess that I have been in somewhat of a state of hibernation, but am slowly coming out of it. I have not done a whole lot for a couple months regarding ScriptureSticks...but DID get some needed rest!

It has been quite a long winter, the main focus being snow removal and keeping as warm as can be afforded...I don't have a good warm place to work on the ScriptureSticks yet,(can't cut, sand, route inside house), but should be able to go hard at it in another week or two. I did brave the very cold basement, on occasion, to work on a stick or two that "just couldn't wait". Prayerfully, I will be able to get some work done on the barn this summer, tighten it up a bit, and create a space suitable to hold enough heat that I might work on the hiking sticks to my hearts content. As of this moment, I have a few hundred raw sticks, all cut and dried, that have been hanging in the second story of the barn all winter, just waiting for me to begin transforming them into ScriptureSticks! And I really better get at it, because my goal is to cut 2000 new sticks this year to get a decent inventory started!

Cari and I are exploring options and opportunities as to how we might be most effective witnesses for Jesus, using the ScriptureSticks and possible hikes as primary tools. One thing for much as I need to get myself into shape, physically,(YIKES! I went from 180 pounds, on trail, to a whopping 230 pounds off-trail, and post-hibernation!...The wife says, in fishing terms, I'm "quite a catch"!), I realize that it is way more important to keep myself fit spiritually, so my big focus is going to be...getting into the word! Yep, the WORD! God's WORD, the BIBLE. I will attempt to spend MORE time looking at the WORD, LESS time looking at my DINNER PLATE! WIN/WIN! (PLEASE pray for me!) ...I will get back to you on possible hike plans, and hopefully some of you might come along!

Other news...update on Faithful! From his Mom's e-mail of 3/25..."He should get to Pearisburg the end of the week. His phone doesn't take a good charge, so runs down fast. He has another one waiting for him in Pearisburg. Then only about 600mi to go." ...He is doing GREAT! Check up on him at...

He made my day with his Easter shelter log entry. No generic "Happy Easter", or Fuzzy Bunny stuff from him...nope...right to the point!...

"Happy Resurrection Day."

...kinda gives a little clarity to the day, doesn't it! HE IS RISEN! I hope you will all check up on Faithful, and keep him held up in prayer. I know that he and his family would greatly appreciate it.

...Now...I know that I have been embarrasingly slow in getting all of my trail notes typed into this blog...In fact, I think that I could have hiked the whole trail in less time than it takes for me to type the tale. Believe me, I am not trying to test your patience, but pray that you will forgive my sluggardliness. (I SO wanted to use that word!) It's true...I'm LAZY! In fact, unless pushed, I will remain at a state of rest for eternity. But, I'm hoping that you don't give up on me. Are you curious? "Has he entered ANYTHING this month?!". Find out next month! Do you like surprises? "I'm SO SURPRISED! SURPRISINGLY, he SURPRISED me by entering not ONE, but TWO days of journaling this month! Be still my heart!". more needs to be said...check back might be pleasantly SURPRISED!

God Bless you all!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Update on "FAITHFUL"

Hi everyone!

Just got an e-mail from Lillian, Faithful's mom...Looks like he is going to take a shot at finishing the AT HIKE that he started with me, last June 1st. There is no doubt that he can do it, but...just to be on the safe side, how 'bout we all pray for him anyway?!? Following is part of the e-mail...

"Hi Cari and Kelly,
How has your winter been? We have kept busy. Dave has been planning to get back on trail Mar. 10. He and Dan bought a plane ticket for the 8th. He flies out of Portland at about 7am. We have Christian friends picking him up in Richmond Va. and driving him over to Rock Fish Gap near Afton, VA. There are some Mennonites in that area where he will be hiking for a while. They helped him out before. I have to call them by Mon. to see if they will be a contact again and maybe help him slack pack. After that we don't know anyone until he gets to Ga. That man will pick him up and take him to the Atlanta airport.

Can't believe it is only 3 wks away!!! We would appreciate you and your church praying for him. He wants to get it done by June so he can be called a through hiker. We pray he makes it. Only 848 mi. to go. He'll start out with some warmer equipment and lighten up farther along. We are excited for him, but will be glad when he gets back home."...

Well, that about does it! Sure wish I was going to be out there, too, but that will be another time...God Bless you, Faithful, you will be in our prayers!

God Bless the rest of you too!