Friday, November 7, 2008

Pastor Appreciation Month, EVERY month!

Hello everyone!

Just a very brief post tonight, as I have VERY important work to finish. Cari and I are usually fairly busy people, what with working full time jobs, keeping house, extra sideline work, kids, grandkids, friends, pets, extended family, neighbors, old school friends, readying for winter... etc., ... Yeah, you know! Just like all of YOU busy people out there!

Then, of course, we have the ScriptureStick hiking stick ministry... although we don't have hundreds and hundreds (yet...) of ScriptureSticks orders to fill, we do have some work ahead of us... and if we don't have orders to fill, we "make up" something to do! (Sorry, if we haven't gotten to your ScriptureStick yet!) Uhuh, we make up something to do... like create a stick for an old friend, a new friend, or possibly make one up to bring into the woods, to give to some unsuspecting person!

Although it takes us a little bit of time to make each ScriptureStick, it is our joy. It is, indeed, our ministry, and a task that I wish I could do day in and day out, full time, 24/7. Please pray that the Lord might use us fully!

Every time we have an order, I like to think on how the Lord might use that simple little hiking stick to not only please it's recipient, but to somehow be a witness of Him to everyone that reads the Scripture that is burned into it's length. Again, please pray that they truly witness for the Lord!

We are always happy to have a ScriptureStick wander off into the hands of a Pastor. I have not known of a Pastor, yet, who didn't use it as a tool to truly be a witness. We have sticks all over the country now, and although they aren't in every State yet, they're "all over the map". Maine, Florida, California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, and more! We even have ScriptureSticks in Canada... and Kenya!(They are done in the Swahili language!)

We recently had an opportunity presented to us that we just could'nt say "no" to. Radio station WMSJ, a Southern Maine Christian station, approached us regarding the possibility of our donating a few ScriptureSticks, to be given to Pastors as part of Pastor Appreciation Month. AWESOME!!! Of course! We love our Pastor! We love all Pastors! ... Well, we donated a bunch of sticks, Cari working out the details and making up gift certificates, and WMSJ distributing them accordingly. We went with this approach to allow each honored Pastor to choose the Scripture desired, and have it burned onto a staff of preferred length. So far, we are pleased to be working on the first five responses that we have been blessed to recieve!

Now, as usual, I have taken the long way around the barn. What I started out to say was this... LAST MONTH (October) was Pastor Appreciation Month! Yeah, I know, it's November, and I'm just getting around to talking about it... but I was, you know, busy! Well, this is what I think... Cari and I were honored to be able to donate a few ScriptureSticks to some of the Pastors out there. We really appreciate our Pastor, and your Pastor... yeah, OK, your Pastor too! And we love and appreciate them not just in October, but in November. And every other month too. True, we sometimes forget how much we appreciate them, thus, we have OCTOBER, to bring us to our senses. Please join Cari and I in keeping our Pastors in prayer, every month, for their safety, and effectiveness for the Lord. And let's not forget to tell them how much we love and appreciate them!

God Bless you all tonight, and may all of you Pastors be especially BLESSED!