Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bigelow, Little Bigelow, Avery Peak, Sugarloaf, Moxie Bald... and snow!

I was just chillin' at work this morning, (literally), waiting on customers in the lumber yard, and building loads for delivery... and thinking. I was thinking about how cold I was, and how cold I was yet to be, when winter finally hits Maine with all it's might. I was thinking that my bones were getting older, and my blood less quick to adapt to the change of seasons. I was thinking that I wasn't sure how to pay the heating bills this season, even with a thermostat set to 60 degrees. I was thinking... why did we move back to Maine from North Carolina! THEY are still pretty WARM! ...
... but I grinned, and told myself to toughen up. I also closed up the collar on my jacket, then changed to a fresh, dry pair of gloves. I could only hope that Mike would pick me to do a delivery, preferably going North, to warm me up for an hour or two, and brighten my outlook on the day.
Prayers answered! Mike asked me to take a run locally, then scoot a few other items up to Solon. NORTH! YESSSS! Well, the first run took me to higher elevation, with gorgeous views of the local mountains, then I struck off North, gazing at them for the next half-hour, dead-on. This is a particularly beautiful area, with familiar views to the locals. I was warmed up by now, and caught up in the majesty... to my left, the Vineyard Mountains, smallish in stature, magnificent in beauty! Turning my eyes slightly right, I was caught up in Sugarloaf Mtn, then the Bigelow Range! Ah, the Appalachian Trail wanders the summits of these mountains, and my mind began to trudge along with it... ...the Horns, Bigelow, Avery Peak, Little Bigelow... then, off to my right, Pleasant Pond Mtn, and Moxie Bald!

...Did I forget to tell you that it snowed yesterday, in the upper elevations? Although it was a forewarning of the coming winter, here at home, it seemed to say, "It will be OK! Look at my BEAUTY, and enjoy!". And I did. ... My thoughts were turned from the ominous discomforts of a long cold winter, to how God had adorned these majestic peaks with ermine coats, warming the mountainscape, and my heart.

Thoroughly warmed, I moved the heater fan from high to low, made my drop, then returned to Madison, frequently looking into the mirrors to see if my mountains were still there.

The rest of the day was spent taking an inventory of all the "good" things God has given me, even on the "not so good" days. As we scurry around in our busy little lives, we need to remember the good things we have had the pleasure of, and also be sure that God will BLESS us, even tomorrow, even in the cold.

Yes, I will think on those good things, warmly.

...God Bless.

Kelly "Stickman" Hibbard