Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trail Days at Damascus

Hey all y'all,

Yeah, that was my lame attempt to type "Southern"! Y'all, of course, would be you, and all y'all would be all of you! I thought i'd get in the mood for the upcoming trip to Damascus, Virginia, for the incredible Trail Days at Damascus gathering. This will be the 25th year for the event, which is the largest gathering of hikers in the world. Here's a link to the official website...

Bad news is... we won't be able to make it down there this year. Time and money, the two usual suspects, are once again at the root of the problem. So it is... But, we would like to encourage any that can make it, GO! It is a wonderful time, and an experience that is truly unique.

Cari and I will content ourselves with all the other things at hand in our lives, and resign ourselves to the reality that Trail Days just isn't workable for us this year.

I did get an e-mail from Johnny "4-Iron" Male, a hiker I have had the pleasure of speaking with these last few months. He is a "local", living but a half hour from us, up here in Maine. Currently, he is on trail, working on a thruhike, and expecting to hit Damascus at just about the right time! So... Johnny 4-Iron, here's to you! Y'all have a wonderful time, and may God Bless every step of your hike...

God Bless All Y'all, too!