Friday, June 11, 2010

Trail Days at Damascus, and MORE!


Hello everyone!

Since it is almost a month having passed since Trail Days at Damascus, I thought I might take a breath to let you know that Cari and I did, in fact, take the 1000+ mile drive to Virginia!

We got to meet lot's of hiker's, and were Blessed to give away many ScriptureSticks! When we arrived in town at 10:00P, we drove down the Main Street, wondering where Joel and Cortney Leachman (Bark & Berry) were staying. Halfway down the street, I saw someone stepping down from the top step of a porch, and he was waving. It was Joel! WOW! Bark and Berry were Trail Chaplains for ATServants in 2009, and are now functioning as members of the Board. We had an opportunity to offer assistance to them when they were in Maine, at Caratunk. We have become very fond of them both! Berry also came out to welcome us, and within five minutes of our arrival, two men and a little girl, Firecracker, approached us, asking if we knew if it was possible to find ice cream that late at night, as they wanted to treat the girl. To their dismay, the answer was "No.", but Cari quickly offered up Whoopie Pies for all of them. We went to the truck, handed out the treats, then gave a little purple ScriptureStick to Firecracker, and two natural finished sticks to the men. "Gravy" and Weaver (his real name), loved the sticks, and shared that they were Christians. I kept seeing Weaver everywhere during Trail Days! What a way to start our visit!!!

There is so much, too much to tell, about our trip. Here are some highlights!

Meeting hikers! Giving away ScriptureSticks! Meeting the ATServants Staff: Craig and Suzy Miles, Jonathan and Kristy Carter, and Joel and Cortney Leachman! Cari's brother, Tim, coming from Tennessee to meet us at Damascus! Taking a hike with Joel (and Cortney, Cari, and Tim)! Taking a drive up to Nebo, to see Mack and Kelly Spainhour, who have built a WONDERFUL Christian Hikers' Hostel! (They are not quite open yet, but getting closer... PLEASE keep them and their Ministry in PRAYER!)! Meeting Skywalker (6' 11 15/16th")! Spending time with Virginia Huggs (the RINGLEADER), and the rest of the fine folks from the Senior Adult Ministry, Kempsville Baptist Church, of Virginia Beach, Virginia! These wonderful folks make the trip to Trail Days to host a "Porch Ministry", where they offer up free coffee, food, and "instant friendship". I can't say enough about them, but pray to meet them all again next year. AWESOME MINISTRY!!! Where was I?... Oh yeah... Music on the ground! Music at the Coffee House! Food! Food! Food! Vendors! Gear Reps! Hikers! Sleeping in the back of the truck! was ALL good!

Eventually, we had to leave, but the trip wasn't over!

We went to Fredericksburg, where we hooked up with our old pals, Wayne and Teresa Morris! They are friends from our days in Garner, NC, and were up to provide special music at Leon and Celie's Church. We got to stay with them all, and attend Church the next day. It was "Homecoming" for the Church, and folks came "Home" from all over! The music was great, and so was the preaching! Then, we got to share in a fantastic dinner with the Church members. Everone was so friendly, and we didn't want to leave. After giving away a few sticks we were on our way, promising to return for a visit.

Time to go home. NOT! We got to visit with Mark and April! April was my classmate in High School, and a great friend of Cari's. We got to visit with Tony and Dawn! Dawn is April's sister, Cari's classmate, wonderful friend! (Hey, Mark and Tony... 20 or more years is too long between visits...).

Hmmm... Oh yeah! Lancaster, PA! Almost forgot! We took a chance, stopped into town, and placed a call to Pastor Curtiss Kanagy. He was a candidate to Pastor at our Church in Maine, Crossroads Bible Church. He graciously left what he was doing, and came to find us. Five minutes later, he was with us in the parking lot. We had a great visit! (Since then, I am happy to say that he has been to Crossroads, was called, and accepted the position. He, his wife, Robin, and their children will be active at Crossroads in August!

There is much, much more... but that will have to come later! Tonight... I sleep!

Good night, all, and God's Blessings!