Friday, November 16, 2007


Yep...Gollywobbles! It seems that I may have a touch of the gollywobbles lingering with me. I feel SO much better than I did a couple of weeks ago, and am able to be at work, attend services at church, and go to our Bible study/Prayer meeting, and all those good things...but I am not fully "bounced back" to my former self. I just don't feel 100% yet, and am experiencing very slight vertigo at times, along with some vision problems...nothin' serious, just annoying. I pray to be back to my old self soon. Maybe you would say a prayer on our behalf, too! Thanks! Cari is continuing to heal, which is AWESOME! She is a real trooper, and, unlike me, seldom complains about her complaints...I think she may be easier company to be around than I am when not feeling great. I guess I am lucky to be me and not her, because I get to enjoy her company, and I don't have to tolerate being around me! God has truly blessed me, don't ya think!?!

More later, God Bless you!