Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stuck in a time warp, missing a month!

Hey everybody!

We all wonder the same thing... "Where did the time go to!!?".

Fact is, "Time flys.". We all know it. We just aren't sure where it flys to.

For me, though, time seems to have been dragging slowly along lately. The days at work are generally long and arduous, a normal eight-hour day seems like a double shift. That's not to say that the work itself is bad... but if it seems like i'm working overtime, it seems that they should give me some overtime pay.

Also, everyone seems to be sick. It's the time of year when everyone is supposed to get sick. We don't know why, but it seems to be the thing to do. I know I have done my part these last few weeks to remain sickly. Have you ever really noticed how time drags when you are under the weather? It's awful! I was trying to get some good rest the other day, slept for ten hours... but, when I opened my eyes, I was surprised to see that only twenty minutes had ticked away on the clock! I STILL was tired and ill!

Yeah, I'm going right along, but time is in slow-mo... I got to spend part of last weekend helping to load a semi-trailer with my brother Larry. He and his wife are now in Florida. (We will miss them!). Thing is, though, I was putting boxes in the trailer for what seemed like a LONG TIME... and it never really got FULL! After hours of stacking boxes, and BIG things, like chairs and cabinets, and bed, etc., the truck was only half full! (14 feet?). The good thing is that Larry called it quits. I don't know if he really didn't need more stuff in Florida, or if he realized, as I did, that it was futile to try to fill the trailer. It would have taken a couple, or even a few, more days to fill. We would have not been able to do that, because Larry would already be in Florida by then... I'm still scratching my head over that one...

I have tried to get lot's done during this wierd time delay. I spent a couple of days and evenings raking leaves, clearing up the garden, and the like. We of course, have been making ScriptureSticks, some of them for special orders. We had one order that was for three hiking staffs, 62" long. The scripture that was chosen barely fit on their lengths! It was, for sure, the longest scriptures that we have applied to date! While I was routing the scripture to the sticks, I didn't dare to look at the clock... I knew that if I realized how long it was taking to rout a stick, my hand would cramp!

I guess I would have to say that a lot has taken place or gotten done in a short time that took forever, and very little seems to have been accomplished!

...I got up this morning, puttered around the house while Cari got ready to go to work. I decided to wash up some dishes, and as I scrubbed away, I had this strange feeling of the familier. Although I don't do dishwashing as often as I ought, it seemed as though I had just washed these dishes. I was SURE of it! I don't know if it was last night, or last week, but I had "just washed" these dishes! ...

...The plan, today, is to go out and rake some leaves, wrap up the garden, and... WAIT a MINUTE!!! ...

I decided I'd better jump on the computer for a minute, see what I had blogged to you all yesterday, or the day before. I'm a little freaked out... it's been a MONTH since I last blogged! How can it BE?!? Time has been creeping along, yet I'm missing a whole MONTH!?!

Where did the time go to!!? I feel like I'm stuck in the movie, "Groundhog Day"! Fact is, "Time flys.". We all know it. We just aren't sure where it flys to. All I know is I'm stuck in a time warp, missing a month. ... but...

...Still finding time to ask God to Bless you all,