Tuesday, September 18, 2007

North New Portland Fair

Hello All! The AT Stick Ministry goes on. we were at the North New Portland Fair with a booth for the sticks this past week-end and had a great time meeting people (we saw people we haven't seen in years! And family...so much fun!) and talking about the AT. We had a slide Show going the whole time with beautiful pictures of the trail thanks to our daughter's lap top! What fun to share and talk of plans for more hikes and AT activities. Kelly hopes to ride up to Monson on Saturday to meet up with the great people at the Shaws House and Tim at the General Store. He will bring more sticks there and hopefully catch up with more NOBOS. So many are finishing up the trail and the Shaw house is a place most stop. More sticks were shipped this week and I will have to update the tally on the website! Thanks to all who have made this all possible. God is so good!