Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Update on Faithful

Hey everyone,

I just sat down to do a little transcribing for my trail journal, and thought that I would check up on Faithful, see how he was doing...the following is a copy of the latest entry in Faithful's blog...He has done a fantastic hike, and has taken opportunity to share his faith! Now, let's all keep him in prayer that he can get rested, and keep his health up...Way to go my "Faithful" friend! Awesome hike!

Here goes...

...."Faithful called today with the news that he had decided to get off trail and come home for now. He has been exhausted for a while now and has not been enjoying the hiking for some time. There is no reason to continue if he is not enjoying it. Last night clinched his decision. As most of you who read this know, Faithful has epilepsy. It has been under control for several years, with the proper medication, though he does have auras once in a while. Last night, he had about 10 intense auras, HIGHLY unusual. Such inner brain seizure activity tires him out greatly. He believes he needs to get back home where he can get adequate rest and nutrition.
Needless to say, his family is looking forward to having him back home, though we do know he is somewhat disappointed not be be able to finish at this time. However, he hopes to finish the trail at a later date, depending on what he may have for work and other responsibilities.
He has finished his hiking at Waynesboro, Virginia, at the end of the Shenandoah National Park. That means he has hiked 1,325.9 miles of the AT. What an accomplishment. We rejoice with him for having done so much.
Last night, a man who hikes a certain loop once in a while saw Faithful hiking and thought to himself that the young man looked like he could use a place to stay that night. He invited him to his home. He said he had never done that before. He is a retired policman from Atlanta and is now a builder near Charlottesville, Virginia.
A Christian family not too far from there are relatives of friends of ours. They are excited about helping Faithful out. They will pick him up tonight and take care of him till he can get a way home. We will write more when we know more. Thank all of you for your concern and prayers."

Looks like that's all the news for now, will catch you all later!

God Bless!

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