Friday, June 20, 2008

Hiker alert! Bears!

Had to pass this one along! It is inevitable that if one hikes long enough, he will encounter a bear. So, please be prepared to protect yourself! Prayer is a sure way to help you through even the most difficult of situations, but... be careful what you pray for! Please heed the following story...

There’s a Christian who’s hiking in the woods one day when he comes upon an angry bear.

The bear stood up on its hind legs and growled ferociously, clearly preparing to charge.

In panic, the Christian started to run, but the bear followed close on his heels.

Finally the hiker came to a cliff. So he dropped to his knees and asked God to please make this bear a good Christian bear.

To the hiker’s amazement, the bear suddenly stopped growling, fell to his knees and folded his paws together in prayer!

"Thank you, Lord!" exclaimed the Christian.

"Thank you, Lord!" exclaimed the bear, "for this meal I'm about to receive!"

Stay safe out there, and may God Bless all of your travels!