Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stickman... "World Traveler"!

Hello Friends,

Wondering where I've been?!? Well, truthfully, I've not been far... pretty much been right here in Maine. I do get out and about, but "physically", I'm NOT a "World Traveler". I did get out for a bit, this Saturday, past. I had the honor, once again, of providing transportation for Craig "Hoosier" Clapper, who completed his Appalachian Trail Thru-hike on Friday.

***A BIG round of applause for Hoosier, as it is a tremendous accomplishment to hike the 2,185.9 miles of rugged trail in a year!

I picked up Hoosier at the Appalachian Trail Lodge, in Millinocket, scooted over to the Appalachian Trail Cafe (yum!) for a bit of breakfast, then headed for Stratton, where he had left his vehicle with Sue, at the Stratton Motel. We had a wonderful time, chatting about the Trail, lessons in life, and the like. Hated to see you drive off, Hoosier, as I was really enjoying your company! I suppose that we will meet again, Lord willing... God Bless your travels, as you continue on in your journey! Read Hoosier's Journal... "Hoosier" at Trail Journals.com!

Speaking of journey... although the ol' Stickman hasn't had much opportunity to travel any great distance lately, he did some interesting "browsing" the other day. In navigating the 'blog site, I saw that I could look at various statistics. One thing I found very interesting was a list of the countries which had viewers of my blog. I was not surprised to see that there were folks from the United States, or even the United Kingdom that had visited me. I was surprised to see MULTIPLE visits from people in Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Slovenia, South Korea, Ukraine, Japan, and China! Whowouldathunkit!?!

I guess that even if I don't leave home, with todays' technology, I should expect "company from away" to show up at my house anytime! Of course, you're ALL welcome, no formal invitation needed! I'll keep the coffee on.

God Bless the steps of your individual journeys,