Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A time of healing...

Time... It sometimes flashes lightning fast before your eyes, yet at other times it crawls along so slowly that you are positive you could outhike it.

Healing times are usually a bit like that. As time drags onward during the healing process, we might become impatient, causing time to move a little more slowly... and the healing to take a little bigger chunk of that precious time. Ever notice that when a cut finally is reaching the end of its' healing process, you just have to pick at the scab... reopening the wound? Also, the rate of the passage of time is the inverse of the amount of patience. Therefore, the longer that the healing process is ongoing, the longer the healing process will be ongoing... exponentially.

My healing time has reached another monthly "mile marker". My quadruple bypass was performed, quite successfully, on 10/21/11, two months ago. ...and now I watch time beginning to drag its' feet. It isn't unbearable, but I am almost at the point of "picking at the scab"!

Every little hold-up in the healing process seems to try to throw me off my intended path. Waiting to hear from the surgeon for the final OK to begin official rehab... nasty cold weather, or, like today, freezing rain, that just makes you NOT want to take another walk... you get the picture.

However! Even as I begin to get weary from waiting... I recieve much encouragement from friends and family! The folks from Crossroads Bible Church have lifted me up, weekly, and Pastor has been thoughtful to swing by for a visit, or take me up to his camp. I get phone calls from my Brothers Bill and Larry, who are always offering their help. I have been entertained while reading faithful's Journey on the Appalachian Trail, which was written by David M. "Faithful" Barnes. As most of you know, Faithful was my hiking partner on my 2007 Appalachian Trail thruhike attempt. I was his hiking partner on part of his successful hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2007! He is an awesome young fella, and he has since completed the Long Trail in Vermont.

I got a call from Johnny "4Iron" Male yesterday... he lifted my spirits with some good ol' trail talk. We discussed his recent gear strategies, pack weight, and folks he has met on the Trail... then it hit me, and I had to ask. "Johnny, are you planning on going back on trail in the Spring?" Yes, yes he is... my heart started to beat with excitement for him! Time was starting to move again! I had hope! Hope for Johnny, and hope for me! Healing, for me, is going to take some time, but, it will be time well spent... and, someday, I will step back out on the Appalachian Trail, and KNOW that my healing is finally complete.

Thanks to all of you who are pausing to think of me, say a little prayer, and give some of your time for my benefit. I look forward to being able to see a few of you out on the trail... or over a good cup of coffee, while I heal. Until then, let's all be patient, and just enjoy the Blessings that God so graciously gives us...

...and I pray that God gives you many Blessings!