Sunday, May 3, 2009

Faithfully in prayer for "Faithful"

Hi folks!

I have a request for you, a simple one. I ask that you pray. I hope that you all pray, every day, (and that, sometimes, I might be the recipient of some of your prayers)... but today I am asking that you faithfully pray for Faithful.

David "Faithful" Barnes, a young Christian fella from over Plymouth way, (next to Newport), was my hiking partner on the 2007 SOBO AT HIKE, when I attempted to hike the AT as part of the ScriptureStick Hiking Ministry. Although my hike ended in Peekskill, NY, after a wonderful journey of 800 miles, Faithful was able to complete the whole 2,174 miles! To make his accomplishment even greater, he did this while dealing with health issues... you see, Faithful has had a pretty tough life, dealing with severe epilepsy, and surgery! But, he made it!

Well, life is never easy, and we all have things happen to us at the most unexpected times... Here is the latest "unexpected" in Faithful's life...

Faithful had landed a job at a local Shop n' Save, and was very happy to have a job, and one that he liked! He has been working with the produce, and after a few weeks of work, was involved in the cleaning of the facility. All was going well, until the next day when he had broken out in a severe rash, from head to toe! So... his Doctor has prescribed meds, and we pray that it takes care of this problem. To top it off, Dave is out of work, yet hoping to be able to go back... They are not sure what caused his health problem, (probably a cleaning agent), and would need to see a specialist to investigate further... and of course, that costs $$$... so...

You can immediately see the need for prayer here. Faithful's health is at risk, his job is at risk, and there is, as always, financial burden. I ask you to pray for Faithful, for healing of his body, continued good health, the ability to return to the job that he enjoys so much, and that the financial burdens placed on he and his family will not be unbearable.

"Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved. Psalm 55:22"

Thanks for taking a bit of your time to pray for this young man. God Bless you all!