Monday, August 4, 2008

Shout-out to "Memphis Tim"

Hey Memphis!

Just wanted to say that it was nice to have met you and to have shared a meal with you over to the Fancys' the other night. Thanks for the invite, Eric, and Happy Birthday! Nice to see your family again!

*Memphis had hiked up through the Mahoosic Notch without any troubles, and after getting clear of what many throughhikers consider to be the "toughest mile on the A.T.", he stepped wrong on a rock, and went down... and at the very least, bruising some ribs. I think there is a better possibility of cracked ribs, from how he was feeling. A few days off trail will hopefully heal him.

So, Memphis, I hope that you are well on your way, and having a great finish to your hike. By the way, after you are done, could you possibly e-mail to me a picture of you on summit? I would be honored to post it here on the blog!

Well, gotta go back to work! I'll end with a little prayer for Memphis, the other hikers out there, and of course, for you too! GOD BLESS!


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