Monday, July 28, 2008

"Memphis Tim" is in Maine!

Ya, I know, it's exciting! ... I'm sure that it is very exciting for Memphis Tim to have made it into his last State, and close to tackling Katahdin! But, you know, it is exciting for me too! Those of you who have never met Memphis are not alone... I haven't met him yet either.

I heard of Memphis from Eric Fancy, an old friend and ex-coworker, who lives across the river, in Anson. I believe Memphis is a relative of Eric's, or possibly Eric's wife... darned if I can remember. But, at any rate, I tried to check up on Memphis from time to time, and he was very kind in having e-mailed me.

He made it into Maine, through Mahoosic Notch, and such, and on up to Wilton, where one of his hiking buddies, Jared, aka "Cuda", spoke at a fundraiser for homeless veterans...(check it out)...

Now Memphis is in Anson, visiting with the Fancy's, getting some needed rest and tanking up on calories. Eric was so kind in inviting me over for tomorrow evening to meet Tim, and chat awhile. So, ya, I'm excited about tomorrow evening, and listening to some "trail tales"!

Feeling quite blessed, hope you are feeling God's Blessings too!


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