Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beautiful weekend up here in Maine

Good morning everyone! Another beautiful day here in Maine, should be excellent hiking weather for all of the NOBOs up this way. I'm hoping to visit one of the trailheads this afternoon and see if I can give a little support to a few of the through-hikers.

It still seems a little strange to be off of the trail, but I am beginning to adjust. I returned to work almost immediately upon my coming home, (I took the weekend off!), and have been kept fairly busy. I have worked overtime both of these past two weeks, and am quite thankful for that opportunity. It has been an interesting transition from hiking to working! In some ways, it was easier to get up early everyday to begin a 20 mile hike with 40 pounds on my back than it is to get up early and work at a lumber yard for 8 to 10 hours a day! Physically, it is actually a little painful for me to walk now that I am off trail. The feet are not happy when I first get up, but get somewhat better after an hour or so...and my legs have had a tendency to get occasional cramping, due to NOT walking as much. That too, is getting better! Fortunately, I have many things to keep me busy, and am already wondering how, (or IF), I will get things done before snow flies. ***I should not be talking about SNOW yet, as I have had to mow the lawn three times since coming home!***

The work with the ScriptureSticks is going well, with Cari and I continuing to make up and send out more hiking sticks. We feel that God is still blessing our efforts to be gentle witnesses for Him, and plan to stay on the path, no matter which way it turns! We are also very thankful for the love, support, and prayers that we have received from all of you. We recently received a financial gift that was given specifically to help with covering the mailing costs of sending ScriptureSticks out! Thank you SO MUCH! What impressed me most about that gift, is that the giver has kept us in prayer, and has been a part of this ministry not just by giving, but by continually holding us and the ministry up in prayer. That was so encouraging to us to know that people were praying for us and seeking to know what our specific needs were!...and at that moment, our specific need was to cover the costs of shipping for some ScriptureSticks, to be sent down South! Thanks again, to ALL of you, for your awesome prayers and support!

Now, a quick update on FAITHFUL! I got an e-mail from his Dad this morning, and I also have been checking up on him at his! He is continuing to do well, and got to stay with Merv (Rider) and Rachel (Pioneer) Frey recently, when he was in Pennsylvania. So awesome! Wished I could have been there too! Yesterday, Faithful was in Harper's Ferry. Today, he starts his trek through Virginia, and should be about a month hiking through it. Virginia comprises a quarter of the length of the AT! Sounds like his hike is still going well, and he is still having opportunities to share his Faith with others. Please continue to follow his journey, and PLEASE keep him and his family in prayer!

Looks like our daughter, Elizabeth, and I will take a quick trip up to Stratton, see if we can hook up with a NOBO or two! Until later, all take care, and God Bless!


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