Friday, April 2, 2010

Don't get "Blogged Down"...

Hey all,

Kind of a silly title to this blog entry, or so it seems. Let me explain. Having not blogged for nearly a month, I pretty much owe some kind of explanation. The fact is, I've had nothing to say. ... ... Now, those of you that know me know that statement is SO UNTRUE! I always have something to say! The truth (the REAL truth) is that I/we have been crazy busy lately, and I just didn't get around to the blogging. In fact, there were many, many things that I could have blogged about, and some of them may be lost for lack of putting them to a page. However, a few thoughts are still bouncing around in my head. First, I would like to thank EVERYONE who has purchased a ScriptureStick. We have been busy, and encouraged. We are also trying to get some stick work done "ahead of time", trying to build up a stock of finished sticks, and a whole bunch of sanded "blanks". We are trying to get a bunch of special ScriptureSticks made, also. They will be dyed PINK or PURPLE, and will be sold to help raise funds for the American Cancer Society. My sister, Jody, heads up a family team for the annual RELAY FOR LIFE held here in Skowhegan, and she is also active in the organizing. If you would like to purchase one of these special ScriptureSticks, give us a call, or drop an e-mail, and we will make one up for you! I haven't had opportunity to post up a picture of these sticks yet, either to the blog or the ScriptureStick website, but will try to get right on it...

...Sickness... wow... we had a wonderful couple of weeks here at the Hibbard household, passing a nasty bug around. At least we're a sharing family. 'Nuff said.

Trail Days at Damascus, Virginia... Cari and I are planning to make the trip South to Damascus for the annual hiker get-together. We are also looking forward to seeing Bark and Berry again. Off trail they are Joel and Cortney Leachman, who served as Trail Chaplains for ATServants, and are now on staff. Craig and Suzy Miles will be there too! They started up the ATServants, and we are anxious to meet them. We also hope to meet up with Mack "LumberMack" and Kelly "Labrat" Spainhour. I worked with Kelly back when we lived in North Carolina. She and Mack have been working on getting a new Hostel opened up. It is located about an hour North of Damascus, in Nebo. Should be a great time!

I have also recently joined WHITEBLAZE, a site for hiking enthusiasts, and in particular, AT enthusiasts. I have had a chance to touch base with "old friends" and make a few new ones, and have enjoyed some of the forums, where I have gained a bit of knowledge.

Tracking hikers... I have followed a couple of hiking journals. Matt (Saucier) & Erika (Dexter) have a journal up. I am anxious to see an update there, as they had been a couple of weeks "out there" with no contact. (They have since been in contact, but not journaled). I would caution, and counsel, all hikers to be in regular contact with someone back home. It goes a long way to alleviate undue worries. That contact could also post up a message to the Journal Guestbook, so that others could be reassured also. ... ... ...

Well, that's it. It has been busy, and I didn't want to get "Blogged Down" in blogging, when there are so many things to do. But... I will take the same advice that I just gave to the hikers, and make every attempt to be more diligent in my efforts to keep you all aware that I'm not lost out on some trail. Until next time... God Bless!


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