Sunday, August 26, 2007


Kel has hit his fourth state! He called yesterday morning to report that he made it to the post office in Cheshire, Mass before it even opened. He is getting his walking legs back and is so pleased to be back on trail. The incline out of Bennington was brutal. Mt Greylock had a magnificent view and was so worth the climb.Then, he had another incline that was tougher than the one out of Bennington. On his first night in a shelter, as he introduced himself as Stickman, he was asked if he had previously been hiking with Faithful! The hiker that had met Faithful a few days ago and had had a 15 minute conversation with Dave. She said he was doing well. We haven't heard where he is at this time, but will let you know when we know! Kel hoped to be in Dalton, Mass by evening which will mark 620 miles on the trail. Already he has met several south bound and north bound thru hikers. A few days and he will be in Connecticut

STICKMANS' JOURNAL...8/24/07...Friday... I went from Seth Warner Shelter up on over Mt. Greylock, then into Mark Noepel Shelter for the night. I hiked awhile with "Tea Leave", but he didn't go as far as me. I spent the night with two other hikers, one NOBO, one SOBO. I saw no other hikers all day. I got into the shelter at dusk, having travelled 16.5 miles. Please pray for these things, specifically... my leg continues to heal, my strength builds up, I start hiking more miles, I meet more hikers! Thanks! Good night for now, God Bless!


STICKMANS' JOURNAL...8/25/07...Saturday... I was up a bit earlier, hiking the trail by 6:30 AM. Seems a little strange not having Faithful with me now, and I pray his hike is going well. I will watch for his entries in the shelter logs to check up on him... maybe I will start to catch up to him. I did 16.7 miles for the day, ending at almost 6:00 PM, at Kay Wood Lean-to. I know I will never catch anyone if I do so few miles, but I should build up soon. I was able to pick up my maildrop today, at the Post Office in Cheshire, when it opened up at 8:30 AM, then continued on, passing through Dalton, Massachusetts, to end up at the shelter.

I only met a few people today, but conversation was good with the ones I met. I am just about exhausted, having hiked in 90(plus) degree heat today, and swimming in extremely high humidity. I'm looking for a little cooler day tomorrow... temperature has dropped a bit so far tonight, so I will rest. Lights out! God Bless!


STICKMANS' JOURNAL...8/26/07...Sunday... I left Kay Wood Lean-to at 7 AM, and ended the day at 4 PM at Upper Goose Pond CABIN... uhuh! CABIN! YAY! Depending on which data you go by, I either traversed 17.6 miles or 18.3 miles. I guess I will have to settle with 17.6 miles, in 9 hours. At any rate, my back is sore, I met only 6 hikers, and was only able to talk with 4 of them.

A highlight to the day was crossing over the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90), on the pedestrian bridge, for hikers! Then, a mile and a half later, to be at Upper Goose Pond Cabin. The place is wonderful, has bunks with matresses, good swimming, spring water, canoe, and pancake breakfast... all for NO FEE! They do, of course, accept donations, which almost all hikers are willing to give. Pete, who is this weeks caretaker, graciously shared his meal with me. He had cooked up a nice stew, complete with meat, potato, onions, and the like. It was delicious! Pete also said to expect a big breakfast of pancakes in the morning. Thanks so much, Pete, your the greatest.

After a nice swim, and helping bring supplies up to the Cabin from the dock, I sat and chatted with Pete and a couple of hikers that had come in. We sipped our fill of sweet spring water and talked of the trail, and folks we had met... altogether, a perfect evening.

Well, it is getting late, so I'd best close for now. Good night, God Bless!


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