Monday, June 11, 2007

Beautiful Day/Some Clouds for the Hikers

Jody heard from Kel today...he was up on top of the Bigelows but we are not sure where! He sounded chipper and said it had been sunny and was just now (early afternoon) clouding in a bit. Larry got a partial message...not sure just where they were....all he heard was the Bigelows, too. They are having a great time and about on the schedule that is posted on the web site. We hope to know soon what day we will try to meet them in Caratunk.

STICKMANS' JOURNAL...6/11/07...Monday...Up early, pretty day. No one at the campsite, anywhere. I left a card at the shelter, maybe someone will look at it, go online, and read the message. Pray they do. Ok, time to filter some H2O, then get hiking. 6:50 AM, and 10 miles to hike. We got to Little Bigelow Lean-To at 5:30 PM, 10 ½ hrs. of hiking. Have the H2O filtered for the night, and Faithful has the soup on. It was a very strenuous day for me. My right knee is giving me some trouble, hurting considerably when I bend it. I pray that it gets a lot better over night. I have a shorter, and hopefully, easier day ahead tomorrow. We met just a few hikers today, all SOBO (Southbounders) and thru-hiking. I didn’t get all of the names, but one group was “Three boys and a Boo (dog)”, two of the crew being Anchor and Firebox. I gave Firebox my card, and he thanked me. I believe that they were from Texas. Two others were from Oklahoma, and a very nice Father/Daughter team were from Kentucky. They were Mr. Cowpie and Jessie. I gave him my card, and he said that he hoped God would bless this ministry. That lifted my spirits quite a lot. We talked for a bit, and took pictures for each other. We met at Avery Peak, and both groups posed by the sign. Mr. Cowpie is a children’s entertainer. Please check his site out, at MRCOWPIE.COM...Neat little site! As we parted, he again said, “God Bless”. Thanks, Mr. Cowpie, you lifted me! I will keep you and Jessie in my prayers, hope you have a safe and happy hike!...Well, let’s talk about feet. They do a lot of work for us, and we tend to neglect them. Tonight I am giving mine the royal treatment. A nice alchohol rubdown, followed up by an even nicer massage of baking soda and corn starch...Ahhh! I also have to patch up the blister on my right foot. The “second skin” that I had applied has fallen off, so I will now try “Newskin”. It didn’t really bother me today, but it looked bad, just the same. Oh yeah, the middle toe on my right foot...the toenail has turned kinda blue, so I suppose I may lose that nail eventually. We’ll see...I think I will close for now, get my bed all made, and read my Bible. It’s about 7:45 PM, so I won’t be awake much longer. Good night all, God Bless!


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