Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Night

No new news from the hikers...we are waiting for a call from Monson tomorrow so that we can head up to bring them more provisions for the 100 mile wilderness...then they will be climbing Katadin!

STICKMANS' JOURNAL...6/14/07...Thursday...Woke up to a fire and fresh coffee! Thanks, Larry! King Crimson and Tengu are ready to roll, so I offered them some fresh fruit to go. It was only about 6:00 AM, so they were off to a good start. Larry (Diehard), Faithful, and I sat around having coffee, breakfast, getting things ready to go, and swapping funny stories. Larry decided that he better get headed for home, as he had some work to do, and Faithful and I doused the fire and finished packing. Boy, were those packs heavy! But, on the upside of that, the packs were full of food! Off we went, at 8:30 AM, climbing up and over Pleasant Pond Mtn., then down to Moxie Pond. We stopped at the pond to pump some H2O, and noticed a pontoon boat going by, headed towards the ponds inlet. We finished filtering our water, and headed off. As we walked toward the inlet, we had to pass the boat, which was sitting idle, the occupants having a good time fishing. I waved, said “Hello”, and made the comment that that is exactly how life should be. It got a chuckle, then I heard, “Hey, Kelly! Are you starting your trek!?” I couldn’t believe it. The Lord has continually provided all our needs so far, has given us several opportunities to share our mission, and has continued to bless us with meeting friends along the way! In the boat was Peter Lloyd, a long time acquaintance, who is an owner of M.L. Lloyd and Sons, in Anson, Maine, across the river from my hometown of Madison. They are earthmovers, road builders, etc. In fact, when I asked how it happened that they were not working on a Thursday, they joked that I was to tell everyone that they were building the road to the pond! Good bunch of guys! My nephew, Cory Peterson, is also an equipment operator for their outfit. Anyway, Pete was there, and his son, Scott. Also, someone I hadn’t seen for quite some time, Peter Chenevert! (Sorry, Pete, if I misspelled.) Pete and I were in High School together, and he also had his son with him. So good to see you Pete! We all had a good chat, as I watched a trout being landed. (Further proof that they were not really working!). I got to share with them all why I was out hiking the trail, and I also got a chance to thank Peter Lloyd for letting me cut poplar saplings on the company property, to make the ScriptureSticks. Again, Pete, thank you so much!...Off we went again, to do our last 3 miles of the day. All went smoothly, and we arrived at Bald Mtn. Brook Lean-to at 4:40 PM, doing a total of 9 miles for the day. It’s almost 5:30 PM, I will start a campfire. So nice to have, and other hikers really enjoy arriving to camp with a fire already going. I hope some folks show up! Well, that’s all for now...God Bless!


STICKMANS' JOURNAL...6/15/07...Friday...Got up a little late this morning, but then again, I have no clock to punch. We did get off to a bit of a slow start though, leaving Bald Mtn. Lean-to at 9:30 AM, and arriving at Horseshoe Canyon Lean-to at 6:30 PM, having trekked a distance of 13 miles. Moxie Bald Mtn. is awesome! The views from the top are absolutely beautiful! We sat awhile beside the elevation/summit sign, and had ourselves a snack, trying to take in all of God’s incredible creation. I am still struck by it! Also, someone had built a stone dog at the summit, a “rock hound”, if you will. Always so much fun to see what people will come up with! Afer the Moxie Bald, we came off mountain, and had no more big hills to climb. Our trek into Monson won’t be to bad either, just 9 miles, and tending to go upward. We met a few hikers today, usually getting to speak to them briefly, and was able to speak with all but two hikers. They just breezed on by when I stopped to say “Hi”. They nodded, but kept on hiking, heading up Moxie Bald. I am sure that they had a pretty good head of steam, and didn’t want to lose momentum. We generally get to share that we are hiking the trail as a mission trip, and get to tell them about our ScriptureSticks and such. We also direct them to our website, in the hopes that they will be interested enough to get on it, and read the message there. I also make them aware that I have a blog that is accessible through the website. Some of the hikers we met today include Tom and “Bo”, Lacey and her dog, “Diesel”, Sprocket and Ranger, and some other hikers here at the shelter. Oops! Forgot about two young ladies, Rambo and Dreamer, who I got to speak with for a few minutes. One of the girls was from Winston-Salem, NC, and the other from Asheville, NC. I shared with them that Cari and I had lived in Garner, NC. When I told them about our mission trip, and having the youth groups give out ScriptureSticks, they thought it was great. One of them asked how she could get one, and the other said, “Me too!”. I got the address for one of the girls, and will have Cari send them each a stick. I was kind of thinking Proverbs 3:5, and Proverbs 3:6, so that the girls will always be “joined” by the ScriptureSticks, much as the two scriptures go together. Hope you have a wonderful hike girls, and also that you enjoy the walking sticks. ...Back to the shelter...We have Grey Goose, Yellowbird, and Neal here. Yellowbird is Grey Goose’s daughter, and I got to get to know them a bit while Neal gathered more wood for the fire that he had gotten started. The girls were pretty tired, and eventually went off to sleep. Faithful and I stayed up to cook while I had a really great conversation with Neal. He is a very kind young man, and always at the ready to help wherever he can. We got to talk about many things and places, and I thoroughly enjoyed his company. Before he turned in, he jotted down the ScriptureSticks website. I hope to meet Neal and the others further down the trail, after we flipflop back to Andover, Maine, and head South. Neal says that a lot of the hikers have already dropped off the trail. Well, I hope they don’t! Hmmm....guess I’d better think about stopping for now, and getting some sleep myself. It’s after 10:30 PM! I know I always have more to say, but seem to run out of time. Good night, God Bless!


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